Adolf Hitler biography, Wife, Death, daughter, children

Adolf Hitler biography

Adolf Hitler has become a name that people use when they adopt a more strident and dictatorial attitude, as you may have heard saying, “Do not Hitlergiri” or “Do not become Hitler”. This is the same Hitler.

There is hardly anyone more ambitious than Hitler would have been born on this earth. Adolf Hitler is a name by which not only Germany but the whole world was shaking at one time. The atrocities he inflicted on the Jews once felt as if humanity would end with this world.

Hitler was the most brutal dictator in history, due to which the world’s most destructive Second World War started and millions of innocent lives were destroyed in it.

Hitler himself was so powerful that he wanted to rule the world on the strength of his dictatorship and for this he had done many criminal and ruthless exploits, then let us know about this most dreaded ruler of history-

German dictator Hitler’s life introduction – Adolf Hitler history

Biography of Adolf Hitler at a Glance – Adolf Hitler Information

Full Name Adolf hitler
Birthday April 20, 1889, Braunau am Inn, Austria Hungary
Father Name Eloise Hitler
Mother Name Clara hitler
Wife Eva brown
Death 30 April 1945

Birth, family, education and early life of Adolf Hitler – Adolf Hitler Biography

Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Braunaume Inn, Austria, Hungary. He was born as the fourth child of his parents. His father’s name was Eloise Hitler and mother was Clara Hitler.
When Adolf Hitler was 3 years old, his family settled in Germany from Austria, due to which Adolf Hitler completed his education there.
Hitler was a student with sharp intellect since childhood, but he was interested in fine arts from the beginning, but his father wanted him to study in technical school.
After this, in the year 1900, the father forced his admission in Reynchul in Linz. Due to this Hitler became stubborn, angry and irritable.
Shortly thereafter his father died. At the same time, Hitler had a bad result due to no interest in this school, after which he left this school from his mother’s serpent and then took admission in Steyr in Realschul and then to pursue a career in fine arts and his painter Went to Vienna to fulfill his dream.
But he was rejected both times by the Academy of Fine Arts. During this time his mother also died, Hitler was very emotionally attached to his mother, this affected him deeply and then he left his home and started living away and selling the painting.
At the same time, Hitler strongly expressed interest in German nationalism, strongly condemning the rights of Austria-Hungary, and at the same time racial and religious prejudice in Vienna had sown anti-Semitic seeds inside Hitler.

Adolf Hitler’s performance and political debut in the First World War – Adolf Hitler Career

During the First World War in 1914, Hitler fought on the Western Front of Germany with great boldness as a courageous soldier. However, during this time he was also badly injured twice. Not only this, he was also honored during this time.

Political life of Adolf Hitler – Adolf Hitler Story

Hitler had the opportunity to become a political officer with the help of his military friend, Ernst Roehra. Subsequently, in 1919, he attended a group meeting of the German Workers’ Party, anti-Semitic and nationalist and presented himself as an influential speaker.
Two years later, he added a lot of members to his party through campaigning and he emerged as a politician of the National Social German Workers Party.
Hitler, as a politician, developed his party with great wisdom and prudence and during the year 1923 he emerged as a powerful and strong politician, who has so far connected all the supporters including about 56 thousand members to his party. Had taken.
Hitler was beginning to think of himself as powerful, so he also proposed to defeat the Berlin government. Apart from this, he also had to go to jail for a year on charges of treason, but after his release from jail, he re-formed a party, took all the states to his side and established himself as a powerful warrior.
In the year 1932, Hitler stood as the presidential candidate. In this way, his power grew more and more.

Hitler was the biggest reason for the second world war – Adolf Hitler and World War 2

The dictator Hitler is believed to be the main reason for the second controversy. Actually, he wanted to assert his authority all over the world.
For this, he first started a disastrous Second World War on 1 September 1939 to control Europe first and gradually subjugated several states.
However, because of his brutality and dictatorial attitude, hundreds of innocent people were killed and thousands were injured in this devastating war. Many lives were ruined because of the second world war.
However, the power of dictator Hitler weakened in front of the power of America in this war and they started losing in this war and many of their kingdoms also snatched away from it. He was badly shocked by his defeat.
At the same time, when Russia attacked Berlin during this war, he was completely defeated and after this defeat he was suicidal with his wife on 30 April 1945.

Adolf Hitler’s wedding and suicide – Adolf Hitler Marriage and Adolf Hitler Death

Hitler, the most cruel and dictator of history, married a girl named Eva Brown on 29 April 1945. Let me tell you that he got married only hours before his death.
In fact, during the second world war, he could not tolerate seeing himself losing, and during this time he was very badly addicted to drugs, and he was afraid of his death all the time.
For this reason, he was poisoned on April 30, 1945 by consuming poison with his wife Eva Brown. After his death, his body was burnt at his will.

Interesting facts related to Adolf Hitler – Facts about Adolf Hitler

Hitler, the most brutal and bloodiest ruler in history, was a vegetarian and surprisingly, he loved animals more than humans, not only did he enact a law against animal cruelty.
Hitler enlisted in the Army after the First World War broke out and established himself as a fearless and courageous soldier. Not only this, he was also awarded the Iron Cross twice.
The German dictator Hitler, who was afraid of his cruelty in the world, himself always lived in the shadow of fear of his death, not only that he also kept a man as a food tester for himself.
The most amazing fact about Hitler, who created his awe in the world, is that he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1939.
About 1 crore 10 lakh people lost their lives due to the caste policy of Hitler, the most ruthless ruler in history. At the same time, due to Hitler in the second world war, about 60 million people lost their lives.
Germany’s dictator Hitler believed that to win a country, its citizens must first control themselves. Hitler himself was a big drug addict but he strongly opposed the smokers in his state and also ran an anti-smoking movement against it.
Hitler said that-

“Fighting against intelligence is always easier than fighting against faith.”

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