Anil Ambani Biography, Wife, Daughter, Son, Birthday

Anil Ambani Biography
Anil Ambani was once on the list of India’s most successful and wealthy industrialists. He was the 6th richest person in the world in 2008 according to the Forbes magazine list.
So let’s know about some important things related to Anil Ambani’s life and his success and failure-

Anil Ambani’s life introduction – Anil Ambani Biography

Biography of Anil Ambani at a glance – Anil Ambani Information

Full Name Anil Dhirubhai Ambani
Birthday 4 June 1959, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Father Name Dhirbhai Ambani (Great Industrialist of India)
Mother Name Kokila ben Ambani
Brother Name Mukesh Ambani (Indian Businessman)
Sister Name Nina and deepti
Wife Tina Ambani
Children Jai Anshul Ambani, Jai Anmol Ambani
Educational Qualification
  • Graduation in Science from Mumbai University
  • MBA from Wharton School University of Pennsylvania

Birth, education and early life of Anil Ambani – Anil Ambani History

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani was born on 4 June 1959 in Mumbai to Dhirubhai Ambani, the great industrialist of India. Her mother is Kokila Ben Ambani and her brother Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest personalities in India and also two younger sisters Dipti Salgaocar and Nina Kothari.
Anil Ambani of Mumbai University K.C. He completed his graduation from college and earned an Mba degree from Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. Later Anil Ambani married former Bollywood actress Tina Munim. After marriage, they had two sons Anmol and Anshul.

Biography of Anil Ambani in brief – Anil Ambani Story

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani is an Indian businessman and investor. He is the chairman of Reliance Group, which came in 2005. Anil Ambani was the Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Capital and Reliance Communications and Reliance Energy, formerly the Deputy Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited.
According to the 2014 Forbes list of billionaires in the world, their wealth was about US $ 5.9 billion.
Anil Ambani is also a prominent producer of Hindi film industry in Bollywood. Anil’s maximum focus is in entertainment, which mainly includes 44 FM radio stations, DTH businesses nationally, animation studios and many multiplexes.

Anil Ambani’s career – Anil Ambani Career

Anil Ambani is one of the outstanding industrialists of India. Ambani has contributed greatly to the development of the Indian economy. He is the chairman of Reliance Group which mainly includes Reliance Communication, Reliance Power, Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure.
In 1983, he joined the company set up by his father Dhirubhai Ambani and served as the Co-Chief-Executive Officer. He played an important role in developing the Indian economy due to his ability and efficient policies and influenced the whole world with his work.
In 1991, due to these efforts of Anil Ambani, the global market share of Reliance increased to US $ 2 billion. However, later Anil along with his brother Mukesh Ambani founded Reliance Industries, which is today India’s top textile and petroleum company.
After the death of his father Dhirubhai Ambani in 2002, Anil Ambani took over Reliance Group, showing his interest in Telecom, Financial Services, Entertainment, Power & Infrastructure. Later, within 10 years, Reliance Group had taken possession of Indian market and some foreign markets. These mainly include distribution, telecommunications, transmission and generation.
Ambani is given full credit for the expansion of the Indian capital market. Because it is believed that no one has been able to expand the Indian capital market as much as he has taken the command of Reliance Group.
Ambani made her debut in the field of entertainment in 2005. Anil Ambani also gets the credit for building India’s largest media empire. He also had tie-ups with international news channels such as “BBC”, buying shares of “TV Today” and “Blumberg TV”.
RIL has repeatedly stated publicly that Anil Ambani’s objective is to make a presence in key areas such as education, health care, security, entertainment, financial services, and the government-citizen interface. Their intention is that consumers can easily get hold of new digitally available content, so that a new digital era can be started in the country.
According to a deal with Universal Music, consumers associated with Anil’s company can choose their choice from three lakh songs. Anil Ambani has also signed agreements with some of the leading film production houses owned by Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Nicholas Cage, Jim Carrey and Tom Hax.
Disputes and division among Ambani brothers:
India’s great industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani, who laid the foundation of Reliance Industries, died in 2002, after which Mukesh Ambani was made the chairman of Reliance Industries while Anil Ambani was made the Managing Director.
But a few days later, there was a ruckus over the property of the two brothers. Due to this, the two Ambani brothers got divided in 2005. After this, Anil Ambani got the business of telecom, financial services and electricity, while Mukesh Ambani was given the business of chemical business and oil.
The relationship between the two Ambani brothers had deteriorated for many years over the partition. Even in the year 2008, Anil Ambani filed a defamation case of Rs 10,000 crore against his brother.
However, now there is talk of improving the relationship between the two Ambani brothers. In 2019, Anil Ambani attended the wedding of Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani, then before that Mukesh Ambani had also helped by repaying the loan of his brother in debt.
Anil Ambani got business failure, drowned in debt-
During the time when the division between the Ambani brothers was taking place, the telecom sector was witnessing a lot of buoyancy, due to which it was speculated that Anil Ambani could make his strong presence in the business in the coming time, but later he Drowned in debt and many are undergoing insolvency proceedings.
Actually, Anil Ambani suffered a lot of losses due to several deals failing including Aircel. In 2010, Reliance Communication’s deal with GTL Infra was suspended. But still Anil Ambani kept investing and in 2017 the deal with Aircel was not successful either.
Anil Ambani’s company had invested heavily in CDMA’s 2G and 3G service, but when 4G service came in the market, Anil Ambani suffered a huge loss in one stroke.
The loss in Reliance Communication also affected the rest of Anil Ambani’s companies and he kept sinking in debt continuously. After that he made a big investment in Reliance Entertainment, but he too failed in it.
Let us tell you that till June 2019, 6 companies of Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group had a total market value of Rs 6,196 crores, which was up to Rs 1,645.65 crores by 10 February 2020.
Anil Ambani, once the world’s richest man, is currently facing trial in a UK court conducted by three Chinese banks. These banks had loaned $ 68 million to Reliance Communications in 2012 on the condition of Guaranteeing Personal Loans by Anil Ambani.
But due to poor business, Anil Ambani’s companies are unable to repay the debt and now their condition is very bad in the market, on the other hand, his brother Mukesh Ambani entered the telecom sector from Jio in the year 2018 and this company made a good profit. Is earning
In this way, Anil Ambani’s name is no longer among the world’s richest person. Hopefully everything in his life is as good as before.

Anil Ambani gets awards – Anil Ambani Awards

  • Awarded “Businessman of the Year 1997” by renowned magazine Business India.
  • Anil Ambani was elected Businessman of the Year for the year 2006 by TNS election of Times of India.
  • The Nation Poll conducted by India Today magazine in August 2006 also won the honor of “Best Role Model” among all business industrialists.
  • Was awarded the “Greatest Entrepreneur of the Decade” in October 2002 by the Bombay Management Association.
  • Reliance was awarded the first Indian Wharton Alumni Award by the Wharton India Economic Forum (WIEF) in December 2001 for its contribution to setting it globally at the top of its number of business sectors.
  • In June 1990, Anil Ambani was called the “new hero” in the business and financial sector in India.
  • Elected “MTV Youth Icon of the Year” in September 2003.
  • Anil Ambani has always been thinking that it is not enough to finish the work on the deadline, I expect to finish the work before time. He always tells his colleagues that he should not give up his goal even in difficult times and should try to turn the difficulties into opportunities.
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