At least 27 killed in fire at drug rehab centre in northern Iran

A huge blaze at a drug rehabilitation centre in northern Iran has killed 27 people and injured a dozen more, according to state media.

The fire broke out at a drug rehabilitation camp in Langarud, about 200km (125 miles) northwest of the capital Tehran early Friday morning, state TV said.

At least 17 others injured in the fire were rushed to a hospital, said provincial chief justice Esmail Sadeghi.

A video shared on Telegram showed a massive fire engulfing a building as the emergency services siren buzzed in the background.

The fire has been controlled and authorities have launched an investigation into it to find the casue of the blaze.

Incidents of fire are not rare in Iran where safety measures are mostly disregarded in facilities with inadequate emergency services.

In September, a fire broke out in a car battery factory owned by Iran’s Defense Ministry. It was the second incident of fire in less than a week but casualties were reported.

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