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Inspiring Biography of Bill Gates, Parent of Microsoft Company | Bill Gates Biography

At a glance about the life of Bill Gates – Bill Gates Information

Full Name William Henry Gates
Birthday October 28, 1955, Seattle, Washington, USA
Father Name William H Gates
Mother Name Marie Maxwell Gates
Wife Melinda Gates, 1994
Children’s Name Rory John Gates, Jennifer Catherine Gates, Fowe Adley Gates

Birth, childhood, early life and education of Bill Gates – Bill Gates History

Known for his generosity, Bill Gates was born in Seattle, Washington, United States on October 28, 1955. His father William H. Gates was a well-known lawyer, while his mother Mary Maxwell was one of the boards of directors of “United Way” and “First Interstate Bank System”. In addition to Bill Gates, he also had two sisters. Bill Gates was called Trey as a child.

Bill Gates Education – Bill Gates Education

Bill Gates was a child of very clever and brilliant talent from childhood. He was very interested in reading from the very beginning, he used to study alone at home for hours. Then in 1968, Bill Gates’ parents got him admitted to a private school, Lakesite School.
Initially Bill Gates was good in all subjects, but he excelled in mathematics and science. Apart from this, he also participated in other school activities. At the same time, when children were being taught to operate computers in Bill Gates’ school, their interest started moving towards computers and they started spending more and more time with computers.
Bill Gates then stepped up his command on programming at the young age of just 13 and created a software program, a programming computer, known as “Tic-Tac-Tow”. After this Bill Gates constantly used to try something new and programming on his school computer. At the same time, when he reached high school, he had computerized the school’s payroll system.
At the same time, at school, Bill Gates met Paul Allen, who was a senior to him, due to Paul’s interest in the computer, the two became good friends and then both in the school lab Simultaneously, time was spent and the commuter of his school used to tamper with the software of the company for the purpose of learning, after which the commuter company stopped the school for some time.
However, after some time both Bill Gates and Paul were granted permission to go to the school lab again on the condition that they remove all errors from the program. During this time Bill Gates, together with his friend, created a “Traf-O-Data” program that worked on traffic patterns and tried to improve it. At the same time, Bill Gatesco received $ 20,000 to make this program, and this was his first earning.
In 1973, Bill completed his schooling and then after that he took admission in Howard College. Even during his college days, Bill Gates used to spend most of his time with computers, then after that he decided to leave college and do business with his friend Alan.

Bill Gates Career – Bill Gates Career

Microsoft Installation – Microsoft Established

Bill Gates became adept at making computer software during his schooling when he was just 20 years old when he, along with his friend Paul Allen, founded Microsoft in 1975, which is today the world’s largest The company has been formed. Although initially it was known as Micro-Soft.
He initially succeeded by creating a program called “Basic”, the famous programming language of the microcomputer, and then started developing programming languages ​​and operating systems for many other companies, due to which his Microsoft company soon gained recognition. .

Microsoft’s deal with IBM – Microsoft and IBM Deal

Then in 1980, IBM (International Business Machine), one of the world’s largest companies, offered Microsoft a deal to make basic software for IBM’s new personal computer. Following this deal, Bill Gates’ company built the PC Doc operating system for IBM.

Windows operating system launched – Windows Operating System Established

Bill Gates announced Microsoft Windows on November 10, 1983, and then two years later launched his first Microsoft Windows operating system in 1985. After this, in a few years, all the personal computers of the world took over their operating system Windows.

Bill Gates as Microsoft’s success and world’s richest man – World Richest Person

Microsoft touched new heights of success with its Windows operating system. As a matter of fact, about 90 percent of the shares of personal computers became the name of Windows and at that time the largest shareholder of Microsoft company was Bill Gates. Due to this, Bill Gates benefited greatly and in 1987 at the age of 32, he became the richest person in the world and then for 11 consecutive years he became the richest person in the world.
Bill Gates, who is constantly touching new dimensions of success with his talent and prudence, started “Microsoft Office” in 1989. It was like a package in which several software including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Excel) could be run simultaneously in the system.
Due to this, Microsoft Office monopolized all the personal computers of the world and achieved new achievements. In the 1990s, when Internet usage was growing rapidly, Bill Gates was also focusing his attention on making software available through the Internet.
Let me tell you that the Windows Ce operating system platform and the The Microsoft Network were one of the greatest developments of that era. Bill Gates, who has won his programming and computer talent all over the world, resigned as CEO of Microsoft in the year 2000 and became the chairman and created a new post of “Chief Software Architect” for himself.
After working in this position for a few years, he also resigned from the post of chairman in 2014 and started working as an adviser to the CEO of Microsoft, then he found himself fully involved in helping the poor, needy and helpless and social welfare. Dedicated to the work of He is also known for his compassion, greatness and generosity.

Founding and social work of The Bill & Melinda Foundation – Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates together established the Bill Gates and Melinda Foundation in 2000 to help the poor, the helpless and the needy. His foundation is today one of the largest charity institutions in the world.
In addition, Bill Gates signed an agreement in 2010 with the world’s largest investor Warren Buffett and Facebook founder and CEA Mark Zuckerberg to donate half of their earnings to charity. Apart from this, they come to India every year to help the poor children of the country and provide them appropriate facilities according to their needs.

Bill Gates’s Marriage and Personal Life – Bill Gates Life Story and Marriage

In 1989, Bill Gates met Melinda French, who worked at his Microsoft company. When Bill Gates saw Melinda for the first time, she liked him and then both of them came close to each other and both of them loved. Although Melinda was much younger in age than him.
After this, both of them got married in 1994. After marriage, the two were born to three children, Jennifer Catherine Gates, Fowley Adley Gates, Rory John Gates.

Bill Gates Awards – Bill Gates Awards

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, the world’s largest company, has also been awarded several awards for his outstanding and noble work, some of which we are telling you here – Bill Gates in 2010 And his wife Milinda was honored with the Padma Bhushan Award by the Government of India for the charity foundation she runs in India to help the poor and the needy.
Bill Gates was awarded the ‘Bower Award’ by Franklin Institute in 2010 for the success of Microsoft and the work done by him in the interest of society. In 2002, Bill Gates and his wife Milinda were also given the Jefferson Award for their social work, including helping the poor, the helpless and the needy.

Books written by Bill Gates – Bill Gates Books

  • The Road Ahead
  • Business @ The Speed ​​of Thought

Many films, video clips and documentaries have also been made about the inspirational life of Bill Gates, the world’s richest person. Apart from this, many books have also been written on Bill Gates.

Some important things related to Bill Gates – Facts About Bill Gates

Bill Gates had a passion to become the richest person in the world since childhood and had also told his friends in childhood that by the age of 30 he would become a Millionaire and this fact came true and he became a Millionaire at the age of 32. Had been
Bill Gates created his account on Facebook only after meeting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, before he was not on social media. Even if the Microsoft company of Bill Gates was not successful, he would have earned his name as an explorer in Artificial Intelligence. For 11 consecutive years, Bittel Gates was named number one in Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s richest people.
Bill Gates has given only $ 10 million to his children. On the strength of his talent, Bill Gates has established himself as the richest person in the world. Bill Gates’ life is inspiring for everyone, everyone should take inspiration from their life to face every situation with courage and reach their destination.
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