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‘Motionless’ Chris Cerulli is a well-known American metal singer who is the lead singer of the band ‘Motionless in White.’ The band was created in 2005 in Scranton, Pennsylvania, by Chris, Angelo Parente, Kyle White, and Frank Polumbo. The group now consists of six members, with many of the founding members have left. Chris, who was a co-founder, is the band’s oldest member and remains with the group. The band has released four studio albums, the most recent of which was ‘Graveyard Shift,’ which was released in 2017. Chris previously worked with ‘Fearless Records’ and is now signed to ‘Roadrunner Records.’ He has a massive fan base on ‘Instagram,’ with approximately 473 thousand followers, and almost 400 thousand followers on Twitter.

Ascend to Fame

Chris has always been drawn to music, ever since he was in elementary school. His passion for music grew exponentially as he progressed through high school, and he eventually founded a metal band in 2005.

He used to play nightclubs with his band before being found by Zach Neil, an agent, and producer who immediately signed the group to his own record label, Masquerade Recordings.

The band’s first EP, named “The Horror,” was released in 2007. They toured extensively around America that year, writing numerous songs for their own album, which was eventually released as an EP in 2009 under the umbrella of ‘Tragic Hero’ recordings and was titled ‘When Love Met Destruction.’

The EP’s debut single, ‘Ghost in the Mirror,’ was a big smash, prompting the band to produce their first studio album, ‘Creatures,’ in 2010. On the ‘Billboard Heatseeker Music Chart,’ the album debuted at number six.

The album’s first song, ‘Abigail,’ was a great hit, and it was followed by the second and third singles, ‘Creatures’ and ‘Immaculate Misconception,’ respectively.

‘Motionless in White’ released their second studio album, ‘Infamous,’ in late 2012. The album was ranked ninth on the ‘Independent Albums’ music chart and fifth on the ‘US Top Hard Rock Albums chart.

It wasn’t long until the band’s third album, ‘Reincarnate,’ was published. By this time, the band had gained a lot of attention and had gone on multiple tours before releasing the album’s first single, which was followed by ‘Puppets 3’ and ‘Breaks the Cycle.’

He won multiple honors for the album, which charted ninth on the ‘US Billboard 200’ and first on the ‘US Rock Albums Chart.’

In 2016, he began work on the band’s fourth studio album, ‘Graveyard Shift,’ for ‘Roadrunner Records,’ which was released on May 5, 2017. ‘570’ and ‘Eternally Yours,’ the album’s first two singles, topped several worldwide music charts.

What Is It About Chris That Makes Him So Special?

Chris is the band’s oldest member, and he has stood by his bandmates through thick and thin. He is a dedicated worker who never gives up.

It took him a long time to develop his music career, but he never gave up hope until he was found and handed a recording contract. When it comes to his family, he is sensitive, and he gratefully credits his success to the support he has received from his fans.

The Beyond Notoriety

Chris considers music to be his life. He used to play rhythm guitar in his band before TJ Bell took over and was replaced by Ricky Olson afterward. He enjoys meeting his followers and traveling around the world. In fact, he frequently sends emails to his admirers and even comments on fan posts on his Twitter account.

He has long straight hair and tattoos on his arms and is noted for his strong gothic dressing sense. He enjoys vacationing with his mother and recently shared a holiday photo with her on ‘Instagram.’

Behind the Scenes

Chris was born on October 17, 1986, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. His parents divorced when he was a child, therefore he had a difficult life.

He grew up with music as his main refuge, and in high school, he created his own band. In his early career, he struggled to build a name for himself, but he eventually rose to become the lead vocalist of his metal band.

In 2013, he dated the stunning Sabrina Malfoy, but their romance was short-lived. He is currently single after the couple’s breakup.

Rumors suggest that he is romantically linked with his make-up artist, ‘Gaiapatra,’ a well-known ‘Instagram’ star. He is now on tour in support of his fourth studio album and plans to start work on the band’s fifth studio record as soon as possible.

Estimated Net worth

Chris is immobile. a person’s net worth. Chris Motionless has a net worth of $3 million dollars. He received this as a result of his singing career.

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