Introduction of Ertugrul Ghazi – Ertugrul Ghazi History

Ertugrul Ghazi History

Ertugrul Ghazi became his father. He was Osman who was the first king of the Ottoman Empire. Eratugul was among the most brave and courageous warriors. In the rule of the Turkish Empire lasted for about sixty-five years. Beginning at the end of the thirteenth century , until the creation of the Turkish Republic in 1923. By the sixteenth-seventeenth century the Ottoman Empire had become so powerful that it ruled the terrain with many languages. It expanded across Asia into Europe and even regions from North Africa.


Introduction to Artugrul Ghazi – Ertugrul Ghazi Biography

Ertugrul Ghazi is the child of Suleiman Shah, the chieftain of Kai Kabile and Haima Khanam. Ertugrul was the youngest of four siblings. his rank was third. The oldest was Gundoglu Second on Sungurtekin Bay and the youngest was Dundar. A lot of tribesmen were nomadic. He would move from one area to the next. He claimed to be a shepherd, and raised cattle. In addition women would make carpets. Sister-in-law to Artugarul Ghazi was Sailjan Khatoon. Artugarul Ghazi got married Halima Sultan. Halima was the queen of the state of princely Sultan Seljuk. The princess was also a fighter who battled shoulder-to-shoulder in numerous battles together with her husband. Women also fought within their clan, the Kai clan. Artugrul Ghazi was greatly influenced by the saint Ibn al-Arabi. Ertugrul along with His two companions known as bamsi or Dogan. They all went to war.
Artugrul Ghazi became the chieftain of the Kai clan following the death of the father Suleman Shah. He was a fighter in many battles throughout his life. This includes mongols, celebs and so on. The goal of his was to construct an entire Sultanate. This was built with the help of the son of his Usman Ghazi. Artugarul Ghazi was loyal to then Sultan Alauddin. According to legend, the fate of ArtugrulGhazi was such that the person who took part in the battles was victorious. He passed away around 1280 AD. Artugarul Ghazi’s tomb can be found in Turkey.
There is also a series inspired by Ertugrul Ghazi’s life. Ertugrul Ghazi, whose real name was Ertugrul Ghazi. The serials are through YouTube with subtitles in Urdu language. This series has become well-known and has also set numerous records. It’s being referred to as”Game of Thrones” of Muslims.The post Introduction of Ertugrul Ghazi – Ertugrul Ghazi History appeared first on

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