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Jack Barakat is a well-known Lebanese-American guitarist who rose to prominence after performing with his critically acclaimed band “All Time Low.” The band was founded in 2003 as “NeverReck” by two music-loving high school buddies, Jack Barakat and Marc Shilling. Barakt quickly enlisted the help of Yanni Giannaros, a drummer, and Alex Gaskarth, a former classmate who is now the main vocalist for All Time Low. The band began by covering songs by Blink-182 and other pop punk bands, as well as writing and composing their own material. In 2004, the Maryland quartet, which began as a dorky school band, became a legitimate band known as “All Time Low.” After the publication of their first studio album, “The Party Scene,” in 2005, the all-boys band earned their big break. Following that, the group went on to achieve fame and stardom with multiple singles that reached #1 on the US charts.

Childhood and Adolescence

Bassam and Joyce gave birth to Jack on June 18, 1988 in Lebanon. When Jack was a child, his family moved to Baltimore, Maryland. Joe, May, and Leeyh are his other siblings. Jack’s parents refer to him as the ‘Lebanese Prince’ because of his superb looks and charisma. Jack had a natural affinity for music since he was a child, so it came as no surprise to his family when he decided to pursue it as a career.

‘All Time Low’ offered Jack everything he ever wanted, including name, fame, and money, on his way to stardom. The band became extremely successful among emo-pop music fans shortly after their debut in 2004, and this group of boys became a household name. Whether it was their first big track, ‘The Party Scene,’ or subsequent tunes, Jack and his band never let his fans down.

“Somewhere in Neverland,” “Poppin’ Champagne,” “For Baltimore,” “I Feel Like Dancin’,” “A Love Like War,” “Kids in the Dark,” and “Something’s Gotta Give” are among Jack’s successful tracks. Jack used to broadcast a radio show called Full Frontal with his best buddy and band member, Alex Gaskarth.

Relationships of  Jack

He’s not only a brilliant musician, but he’s also a handsome dude. His parents do not refer to him as the “Lebanese Prince” casually. His good looks and captivating demeanor have earned him a large female fan base and kept him in the front pages of several gossip magazines and tabloids.

Holly Madison (2010-2011), Little Miss Sunshine Star Abigail Breslin (2013-2014), and Jardine are just a few of Jack Barakat’s love relationships (2014). According to reports, Barakat met best-selling author and model Holly Madison on one of Holly’s events in 2010 and the two dated for a few months before breaking up. Jack met Abigail shortly after at one of his shows, and the two hit it off right away. Jack and Abigail, on the other hand, never openly discussed their romantic bond.

Beyond Guitar and Music

Jack enjoys listening to his favorite band, ‘Blink 182,’ while he is not performing with his band (which is rare). He also has a tattoo fixation and has a number of them on his body. Along with the ‘All Time Low’ skull and crossbones tattoo, Jack has a bunny tattoo and a tattoo of Jack Skellington playing guitar. In addition, in 2016, Jack started his new brand http://getajobshop.com.

Estimated Net Worth

Talented singer and songwriter Alex Goot is best known for his popular YouTube channel GootMusic. He is an multi-intrumentalist, playing on piano, drums, acoustic guitar, bass guitar and other. As of 2022, Goot’s estimated net worth is approximately 1.8 million dollars.


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