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Joe Biden Biography: Joseph Biden is the American President’s Presidential Election. Biden has stood up against Donald Trump. The full name of Biden is Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is an American politician who was vice president for the 47th time in the United States in the Obama administration from 2009 until 2017.
Biden, a senator for six times from Delaware is now a candidate on the ballot for the 3rd time, this time during the Presidential race. The first time he tried was the 1988 election, however Biden was forced to withdraw on charges of plagiarism. The second time he tried, he did it in 2008 for the election. They’re trying again in 2020. If he prevails in this time around it will make him an oldest American president with a tally of the 78th year when he takes the oath.
Biden is believed as being close to the former US Vice President Barack Obama. He been Vice President twice during the presidency of Obama between 2008 and 2016. Obama is also known to push to win Biden’s election in the 2020 presidential election.

Introduction | Joe Biden (Candidate for US President)

Biden was born on the 20th of November 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. Biden’s father’s name is Joseph Biden Sr., employed as a furnace cleaner and also a auto salesman. His mother’s name is Catherine Eugenia.
Biden attended school during the school year at St. Paul Elementary in Scranton. In 1955, at 13 , the family moved to Mayfield. Biden continued to study in the St. Helena School until Biden was accepted at the famous Archmere Academy.
Biden received a degree at close by University of Delaware, where he was a student of history and political sciences. His most favorite sport is football.

Marriage | Joe Biden Personal Life

While on holiday in the Bahamas He came across Syracuse University student Nelia Hunter. Biden was in love immediately with Hunter. Inspiring by his new love Biden, he enrolled himself fully for his studies and was enrolled into Syracuse University Law School in 1965 after he graduated from Delaware. In 1966, the following year, Biden and Hunter married.
Biden has three sons: Joseph Biden III (born 1969), Hunter Biden (born 1970) and Naomi Biden (born 1971). In the week prior to Christmas 2002, the wife of Biden along with the three children were all victims to a tragic car crash when they were shopping for the Christmas tree. The crash caused the deaths of his daughter and wife and severely injured both his sons. Biden was extremely unhappy and considered suicide at the moment. Biden was married to his wife since the year 1977, Jill Biden. Biden and his wife’s daughter Ashley was born in the year 1981.
As of 2015, Biden’s older son Bue died from brain cancer at 46. When Biden was discussing his younger son Hunter and his work as a lobbyist and lawyer is being questioned by allegations of corruption.

Political career | Joe Biden Career

After having graduated of law school the year 1968, Biden moved to Willington, Delaware, to practice in a law firm. Biden also joined the ranks as a participant in the Democratic Party, and in 1970, he was elected be a member of the New Castle County Council. While he was an elected council member in the year 1971, Biden founded his own law firm.
In 1972 In 1972, The Delaware Democratic Party encouraged 29-year-old Biden to run for the United States Senate in the United States Senate against the popular Republican current incumbent Jay Caleb Boggs.
From 1973 until 2009, Biden was a distinguished senator. In his time as a member of the Senate, Biden served as chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations for several years. A number of his foreign policy initiatives included calling for a limit on strategic arms in conjunction with his former employer, the Soviet Union, promoting peace and stability in the Balkans as well as expanding NATO and engaging with the former Soviet bloc nations and opposed to his opposition to the First Gulf War. In later times, he urged American actions to stop the famine in Darfur and voiced his displeasure over the administration of President George Bush. Bush’s administration of his handling of the Iraq War, specifically opposing the military surge of 2007.
Alongside foreign strategy, Biden was a vocal advocate for tough laws on crime. When he was president in 1987, his inability to get confirmation for Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork was mostly attributed to the rigor of questions by Biden who was the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. in 1994, Biden introduced the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act to increase the number of police officers, and also to increase the sentence for a wide range of criminal offenses.
In 1987, following the establishment of his status as one of the most well-known Democratic legislators, Biden decided to run for the US presidency. Biden dropped out of the Democratic primary however, when reports emerged that he had written-testing a portion of his speech.
In 2007, twenty years after his failed presidential run, Biden once again decided to run for US president. Despite his decades spent in the Senate Biden’s presidential campaign did not gain traction in a state dominated by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Biden quit after getting less than one percent of Iowa’s most crucial vote.
In 2007, twenty years after his unsuccessful presidential campaign, Biden once again decided to run for US president. Despite his decades working in the Senate Biden’s presidential campaign did not create much momentum in a region that was dominated by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Biden quit after having received less than one-percent of the votes in Iowa’s most crucial vote.
The 2nd of November, 2008 Barack Obama and Joe Biden confirmed the Republican ticket to Arizona Senator John McCain and Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. On the 20th of January, 2009 Obama took office as 44th US President, and Biden was elected his 47th Vice-President. Now, in 2020, Biden is contesting the presidential election against Donald Trump.
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