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A well-known social media celebrity, Josh Darnit is well-known for the videos he posts with his son Evan. It began when the devoted father casually started making videos with his youngest kid Evan and uploaded them on the Vine app. The Vine star’s videos eventually gained attention, and as his Vine account grew in popularity with more followers, his once-hobby transformed into a legitimate career. His playful films featuring his son Evan were incredibly famous, making him a Vine sensation while also helping Evan develop into a young phenomenon who is now a Vine star and is known online as Evancredible. Darnit, one of Vine’s early risers, currently has a sizable following on his account. This devoted father has also shared recordings of his two children, AJ and Johnaa, who have also succeeded in becoming Vine stars like their father. He gets along well with many prominent Viners and has worked with many of them. Darnit has also established a presence on other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The ascent to fame

After the launch of the short-form video hosting site Vine on January 24, 2013, Darnit started publishing videos on Vine featuring his 4-year-old son, Evan. Evan appeared in several impromptu, happy, and lighthearted videos that quickly gained views and fans. What initially began as a simple hobby for Darnit soon evolved into a full-time endeavor after he decided to leave his well-paying job and pursue it full-time.

This Vine star carried forward with his newly discovered love despite having multiple offers from prestigious companies, including one from Disney. Through his Vines, which are mainly unplanned clips capturing the humorous and fun aspects of their daily lives, he earned the hearts of millions of people. He was one of Vine’s early emerging stars thanks to his well-liked videos, and as of right now, Joshdarnit, a vine account with 1280 postings, counts 2.7 million followers.

The humorous side of fatherhood that this devoted father shows the world through his Vine videos is nicely complemented by his son Evan’s spontaneity and outstanding camera presence. Fans eagerly await fresh vines featuring the father-son team since Evan has somehow emerged as a star in his father’s videos. The pair appeared in a Father’s Day-themed special episode of “Behind the Vine” in 2014, which was hosted by Eric Artell.

Because of his father’s vines’ success, Evan, who is now seven years old and has already been known as a child sensation, decided to start his own vine account under the name “Evancredible.” His eldest son, AJ, and his devoted daughter, Johnna, who rose to fame on Vine as the stars known as ‘AJMJ’ and ‘johnnamazing,’ respectively, are also featured in Darnit’s videos.

Darnit is a gregarious and friendly individual who has worked with many of the well-known Vine superstars, including Brandon Calvillo and David Lopez, among others.

This superstar on Vine has succeeded in establishing himself on other social media channels as well. Joshdarnit’s YouTube channel, which he started on February 12, 2014, has amassed more than 58K subscribers and a staggering total of over 2.6 million views. Also, he has amassed over 58K followers on Twitter and over 230K followers on his Instagram account, both of which are titled “goshdarnit.”

Behind The Scenes

United States citizen Josh Darnit was born in California on January 10, 1975. The only thing that is known about Viner’s early life, educational background, and current location is that he was raised in California. The three kids that Darnit has are AJ, Johnna, and Evan.

Estimated Net Worth

Josh is one of the wealthiest Instagram stars and is among the most well-known. Josh Darnit’s net worth is $5 Million, per our analysis of data from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

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