Karl Marx biography, Children, Wife, Death, Books

Karl Marx biography

Karl Marx was a great scientist, economist and philosopher who was known as the pioneer of socialism. He had raised his voice about discrimination against workers from his revolutionary ideology.

At the same time, he strongly opposed capitalism and developed the basic ideas for communism. Apart from this, Karl Marx also did many notable works for the interest of women.

Karl Marx, through his writings and theory, explained the economic and political conditions to the people and also gave his theory about human nature and economic strength.

Karl Marx is also known as the father of communism. He believed that religion is the poppy of the people and democracy is the only path to socialism. So let’s know about the life of Karl Marx, the founder of socialism –

Biography of Karl Marx, the great philosopher and prophet of socialism – Karl Marx

Biography of Karls Marx at a Glance – Karl Marx Biography

Full Name Karl Heinrich Marx
Birthday May 5, 1818, Trier, Germany
Father Name Heinrich Marx
Mother Name Henriette Prizberg
Wife Jenny Von Westphalen, Eleanor Marks
Children 7 children
Main Books ‘The Communist Manifesto’ (1848) and ‘Das Capital’ (1867)
Death March 14, 1883, Britain

Karls Marx’s Birth, Education and Early Life – Karl Marx History

Karls Marx was born on May 5, 1818, in Rahenish Prussia, Germany, in Tritier, Germany. His father Heinrich Marx was a lawyer and devoted to Voltaire. She also participated in the movement for Prussia, while her mother Henriette Prizberg was a domestic woman.
Marx was the first surviving child of his parents’ 9 children. Both of his parents were from Jewish backgrounds and taught Judaism.
However, due to this, Marx later had to face many problems like discrimination in the society.

Karls Marx’s Marriage and Children – Karl Marx Life Story

Marx was married to a woman named Jenny Vonwestfalen. After marriage, he moved to Paris with his wife. After marriage, both of them had seven children.

Karls Marx Education – Karl Marx Education

Karls Marx was not very smart in his childhood, but he was a middle-class student. He did his early studies at home.
He then attended school at Trier’s Jesuit High School. Then he took admission in Bonn University to study philosophy and literature.
Karl Marx had made his command in Latin and French quite well. After this, he also gained knowledge of all languages ​​including Russian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Scandinavian and English.
However, during this time he also had to go to jail on the charge of indiscipline. At the same time, his interest in politics grew while joining the club of this university.
Carls Marx then studied Philosophy and Law at the University of Berlin at the behest of his father. In 1841 Marx received his doctorate from Jena University.

Karl Marx started his career as a journalist – Karl Marx as Journalist

In 1842, Karl Marx started doing journalism and then worked as an editor in a newspaper named Raheinsche Zitung.
After resigning for about 1 year, he resigned and moved to Paris.
After this, Marx started a German-French annual journal with Arnold Reuse in Paris, which played its main role in Parisian politics, although the journal could not last long due to differences between Arnold and Marx.
Then in 1844 Marx, along with his friend Freiedrich Angels, began to work on the philosophical principles of the young Hagilian Bruno Beur in Criticism, and then together they started publishing the publication “Holy Family”.
After this, Marx moved to Brussel in Belgium and here he started working for a newspaper called “Vortwarts”, this paper later emerged as a Communist League.
After this he started working in socialism and he completely broke away from the philosophy of Hagilian.
Let me tell you that the Hegelians were a group of students who openly discussed and criticized religious and political situations in those days.
Karl Marx worked with Hegelian Angle in Brussels. They were both of the same ideology. During this time, he wrote Die Deutschche Ideologie, in which he described the historical structure of society and how the economically competent class has been degrading the laborers and poor bergs.

Communist League Established – Communist League Established

Through the medium of such books Karl Marx tried to balance with the movement of working class leaders. And then in 1846 he laid the foundation of the Communist Correspondence Committee.
After this, the socialists of England inspired him to form the Communist League and during this time an institution urged Marx and Angles to write the manifesto for the Communist Party.
In 1847 Karls Marx fiercely opposed The Poverty Pity of Philosophy Thinker Pier Joseph Proudhon. During this time he disagreed with Proudhon’s views and argued that there was no harmony between the two opposing poles in the economic system.
A few days later in 1848, the Communist Party’s manifesto was released.
Carls Marx was then expelled from Belgium in 1849, after which he moved to France and started a revolution of socialism there, but was also thrown out, after which he moved to London.
But here too their struggles did not end, Britain refused to grant him citizenship, but he remained in London till the last time of his life.
Then when the revolution started in Germany and Australia, when Marx returned to the Rhineland.
Marx praised the policy of coalition between the Democratic Borgiosi and the working class in Cologne and supported the Communist decision to destroy the Manifesto and abolish the Communist League.
He then tried to explain his policy through a news paper, and started the headquarters of the Communist League by helping the German Workers’ Educational Society in London, but he also continued to work as a journalist.
In this context, Karl Marxen focused his attention on the theory of capitalism and economic.

Karl Marx’s major works – Karl Marx Books

Karls Marx wrote “The Communist Manifesto” in the year 1848. His creation became very famous. Not only this, his work has been considered one of the most influential political manuscripts in the world.
His work was published in French, which was also translated into English, it was published in four parts as a “comic book”.
Apart from this, Rachna Das Capital written by him also became very famous. It proved to be his best-selling book, a total of three volumes, translated into English, German, French and Russian.
Let me tell you that the remaining parts of this book were edited and published by Engels after the death of Marx.

Other works by Marx – Karl Marx Books List

  • The civil war in france
  • Inorganic Address to the International Working Man’s Association
  • The Critique of Political Economy
  • The Poverty of Philosophy (1847),
  • The Gotha Program,
  • The German Ideology
  • Class-stargal in finance
  • The Holly Family

Karl Marx dies – Karl Marx Death

In the last days of Karl Marx’s life, he was besieged by serious illnesses, while in 1881, he started feeling very sad about the death of his wife, due to this indifference, his illness could not be recovered, due to which on March 14, 1883, London He died in

Karl Marx’s Precious Thoughts – Karl Marx Quotes

  • Peace does not mean opposition to communism.
  • Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose, except your chains.
  • Social progress can be measured from the place of women in society.
  • Religion is impotence to deal with what the human mind cannot understand.
  • Necessity is blind until it regains consciousness, freedom is the consciousness of need.

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