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Kobe Bryce Lankford is a YouTube entertainer from the United States. He is also recognized for publishing creative challenges, remarks, story times, pranks, challenges, and other entertaining content on his channel. His self-titled channel has around 176k subscribers at the moment and is only somewhat well-liked on the social network. Lankford works hard to publish unique and amusing videos every week with the goal of being one of the most popular YouTubers out there. He frequently creates movies with his partner Yasmeen to give his fans a peek into his personal life. Every day brings more and more viewers to his channel! In addition to YouTube, the social media star has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. Lankford is a wacky, direct, and funny guy. He enjoys going on trips, spending time with his love, and pulling practical jokes on his friends. Lankford is establishing himself as a rising YouTube star to watch out for because of his love of creating video content.

Become a Star

On July 3, 2013, Kobe Bryce Lankford created his own YouTube account. In his inaugural video, “My First YOUTUBE Video,” which served as his first post to the channel, Lankford welcomed viewers to it. His second post was titled “Top FIVE Things That Girls Do That Guys Like,” and it was followed by a video with a challenge. After that, the YouTuber continued to post similar videos, including replies, Q&As, practical jokes, challenges, skits, story times, and so forth. His channel soon attracted viewers and subscribers. The channel currently has more than 176k subscribers and more than 6 million views.

The vlogs Lankford makes with his girlfriend are another factor in the success of his channel. The American YouTuber frequently appears to be embarrassing and challenging his partner. ‘Pool Day With My Bae’ and ‘Ignoring My Girlfriend Prank’ are a couple of the duo’s videos that you shouldn’t miss viewing. The second video shows Lankford ignoring his beloved in order to pull a trick on her, in contrast to the first video, which is a pool day vlog.

As of August 2018, these videos, which were released on June 23 and May 26, respectively, had received over 340 and over 500k views. In addition to this, the remainder of the couple’s videos are all worth viewing and very amusing. ‘It’s My Birthday’ is one of the most recent uploads on Lankford’s channel. This unique video was released to celebrate the YouTuber’s birthday on August 2, 2018. He tells his followers about his birthday celebrations in this post.

Kobe’s Individual Life

On July 28, 2000, Kobe Bryce Lankford was born in the US. In a handful of his videos, he includes his mother in them. The YouTuber currently has a relationship with Yasmeen Nicole. The duo frequently works together to produce excellent content for Lankford’s videos, including hilarious challenges, pranks, and vlogs. There is no information available about Lankford’s education, siblings, parents’ jobs, or family background.

Estimated Net Worth

One of the wealthiest American YouTube stars is Kobe. Our study of data from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider revealed that Kobe Bryce Lankford is worth $5 million.

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