Mariah Carey responds to dressing room anecdote in Britney Spears memoir

Mariah Carey has just learned what was written about her in Britney Spears’ new memoir, The Woman in Me.

On Thursday 2 November, the Queen of Christmas appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was asked by host Jimmy Kimmel if she knew what Spears had written about her in the memoir. However, he made sure she knew it was only good things. “I love her actually,” Carey said of Spears, before Kimmel began reading the excerpt.

“At one award show I knocked on Mariah Carey’s dressing room door. She opened it and outpoured the most beautiful otherworldly light. You know how we all have ring lights now? Well more than 20 years ago, only Mariah Carey knew about ring lights. And no, I can’t just say her first name. To me, she’s always going to be Mariah Carey,” Kimmel read from Spears’ memoir.

Kimmel then asked the “All I Want for Christmas Is You” singer to verify whether or not she actually had a ring light back in 2003. “Of course I had a ring light,” Carey replied.

“By the way, I like a ring light when you cover the bottom edge of a ring light because for me, I don’t like under lighting. It’s very specific,” she added.

According to Kimmel, Spears went on to say in the book that it was Carey who taught her everything she knew about lighting. Carey added: “That’s super sweet, what Britney said about me.”

The singer was not the only person to receive praise in the memoir; Spears also had nothing negative to say about her recent ex-husband, Sam Asghari. While the Grammy winner’s memoir looked back on her career and life – including her 13-year-long conservatorship – it did not feature her split from Asghari.

Following their breakup in August, TMZ reported at the time that the book wouldn’t include details of Spears and Asghari’s separation, citing sources “with direct knowledge”. The outlet claimed that Spears gave her final sign-off to publisher Simon and Schuster back in early August, meaning she had “no right to demand any further changes” at the time of their divorce announcement.

Throughout the book, Spears consistently had nice things to say about Asghari, including calling him a gift from God. An excerpt from the memoir read: “I have an appreciation for how stable he is. I love that he doesn’t drink. He’s a gift from God. And to find out that he and I were about to have a child together made me feel giddy.”

According to Page Six, the Iranian-American fitness instructor recently gushed over Spears’ praise. “That made me smile, to be honest,” he said. “I’m freakin’ proud of her, and I hope she takes over the world.”

In another line, Spears called her ex-husband an “inspiration”, writing: “He’s such an inspiration and I’m grateful.”

“The timing of the end of the conservatorship was perfect for our relationship; we were able to establish a new life together, without limitations, and get married,” she said.

Before the memoir was released on Tuesday 24 October, Asghari revealed that he read the book before its release and that he wasn’t worried about being painted in a negative light. “I already read it and I’m very proud of her,” he toldTMZ. “She put a lot of work into it, and it was very hard. I’m definitely excited, and I’m extremely proud of her. It was a very tough one [to write].”

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