Mayawati Biography, Birth, Education, Husband, Twitter

Mayawati Biography

Mayawati Biography, Birth, Education, Husband, Twitter Family & More
Birth: 15 January 1956, New Delhi
Work area: Politician, former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh

Mayawati is an Indian woman politician and has been the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. She is the president of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP). She is credited with being the youngest female Chief Minister of India as well as the first Dalit Chief Minister. She has been the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh four times and has faced difficulties along with power. She started her career as a school teacher but impressed by the ideology and diligence of Kanshi Ram, she entered politics. His political history was quite successful and he returned to power again in 2007 despite losing the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly elections in 2003. Mayawati, popularly known as Bahnji among her supporters, became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for the fourth time on 13 May 2007 and after a full five-year rule, she lost the 2012 election to her main rival, Samajwadi Party.

Mayawati Biography early life

Story of Jawaharlal Nehru

Early Life Mayawati aka Chandavati Devi was born on 15 January 1956 in Delhi. His mother’s name was Ramrati and father’s name was Prabhu Dayal. Prabhu was an officer in the telecommunications center. Mayawati has 6 brothers. He did his Bachelor of Arts degree from Kalindi College, Delhi, and then LL.B. and B.B. from Delhi University. Ed also did. His father wanted to make him a collector and for this he spent a lot of his time in the preparation of the Indian Administrative Service. During this time she started working as a teacher. Her father was not at all happy with the increasing influence of Kanshi Ram in Mayawati’s life. He advised Mayawati not to follow the footsteps of Kanshi Ram, yet Mayawati too ignored her father and got involved with the works and projects started by Kanshi Ram on a large scale.

Mayawati Biography Political life

Till 1984, Mayawati worked as a teacher. She was greatly influenced by the work and courage of Kanshi Ram. In 1984, when Kanshi Ram formed a new political party ‘Bahujan Samaj Party’, Mayawati quit the job of teacher and became a full-time worker of the party. The same year he started his first election campaign from the Kairana Lok Sabha seat in Muzaffarnagar district. He also worked hard in the Lok Sabha elections in 1985 and 1987. Finally, in 1989, his party Bahujan Samaj Party won the election on 13 seats.
Gradually, the penetration of the party increased among the Dalits and backward classes and in 1995, she was made Chief Minister in the coalition government of Uttar Pradesh. In 2001, the founder of the party, Kanshi Ram, announced Mayawati as his successor as the party’s president. Mayawati was re-elected Chief Minister in the BJP government’s coalition government during 2002-2003. After this, the BJP withdrew its support from the government and the Mayawati government fell. After this Mulayam Singh Yadav was made the Chief Minister of the state.
After the 2007 assembly elections, Mayawati returned to power again and took over the reins of India’s largest state. During Mayawati’s reign, the BSP could not expand outside Uttar Pradesh as most backward classes turned their back on them due to their autocratic rule. Mayawati established many monuments during her tenure in honor of Dalit and Buddhism.

Identity in politics

Mayawati may have been involved in many controversies and scams accusations during her reign, but her political emergence has been truly amazing. A Dalit woman from a normal family has achieved such a place as few women in the history of this country have done. Regardless of the controversies, Mayawati’s supporters supported her every time and proved her loyalty. Mayawati has created her own place in the hearts of Dalits and has built her faith in Dalits.

Time Line (Life Events)

1956: Born in delhi
1977: Career start as a teacher
1984: Entering BSP leaving the teacher’s job and starting his first Lok Sabha election campaign
1989: His party won 13 seats in the Lok Sabha elections
1995: Elected as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh
1997: Re-elected as Chief Minister
2001: Kanshi Ram’s heir declared
2002: Once again became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh
2007: Appointed Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for the fourth time
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