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Michael Jackson Biography

By the way, Michael Jackson is a person who does not need any recognition. There is hardly anyone who would not know about them. Jackson was a famous pop singer and dancer in the world, bringing pop music to a new level in the world.

Jackson’s journey into the music world at a young age until he became the “King of Pop” is quite interesting, so let’s know about some important things related to Michael Jackson’s life-

The story of Michael Jackson, a world famous pop singer and dancer – Michael Jackson Biography



Biography of Michael Jackson at a Glance – Michael Jackson Information

Full Name Michael joseph jackson
Birthday 29 August 1958, USA
Father Name Joseph walter jackson
Mother Name Catherine Esther Scruse
Marriage (Wife Name) Lisa Presley, Debbie Rowe
  • Prince Michael Jackson Jr.,
  • Paris Michael Catherine
Death 25 June 2005 (heart attack)
  • The highest award-winning pop singer,
  • 23 Guinness World of Records are also named after Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s birth and early life – Michael Jackson History

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, in a town near Chicago, as the youngest child of his parents.
Her mother’s name was Katherine, she was also very fond of music and often heard music to her children, while her father Joseph was a crane operator, but he also played guitar in a local band “Falcon”. Seeing his family, Jackson had an interest in music since childhood.

Michael Jackson’s relationship with his father – Michael Jackson Life Story

Michael Jackson and his father’s relationship was very bad from the very beginning. In an interview, Jackson mentioned his father’s violent nature, stating that his father considered his brothers and him a money making machine.
With this, he also talked about never living his childhood. He used to study with a tuition teacher at home for about 3 hours. After this, they used to spend hours recording in the studios, and then they used to sleep tired and in childhood they used to play.
He was deeply saddened by his father’s harsh and violent behavior. Not only this, Michael’s father used to tighten his face and nose many times and made him feel ugly.
At the same time, Michael was so afraid of his father that he used to get sick. At the same time, according to some reports, the reason for his hat and face hair, which has become the style statement of Michael at present, was also his father, in fact Jackson used to feel quite complex after listening to his father’s words, even he kept eyeing They did not even talk together and because of this, they used to wear hats and have hair on their faces.
However, Jackson also credited his success to his father’s toughness and strict discipline.

Michael Jackson’s Marriage and Children – Michael Jackson Marriage, Family, Children

Known for pop singing and the amazing Moon Walk, Michael Jackson married Lisa Presley on May 18, 1995 at the age of 35. However, this marriage could not last for long. On June 18, 1996, both of them divorced each other.
A few days later, Michael tied the knot with his nurse Debbie Rowe. After marriage, the two were born to two children, Prince Michael Jackson Jr. and Paris Michael Catherine. Although their second marriage could not last long, the couple divorced in 1999, but after the divorce, the children remained with Michael.

Michael Jackson Career & Success – Michael Jackson Career

Michael surprised people by showing his amazing singing talent right from the age of 5.
He made his foray into the world of music from the band “Jackson Brothers” along with his elder brothers under the direction of his father Joseph. Motown Records signed on at an early age, seeing Michael’s unique dancing and singing talent. In 1966 Jackson’s band was renamed to “Jackson 5”.
In 1969, when Michael was just 11 years old, his first single “I Want You Back” was released and became a big hit.
After this, 1970 Michael’s song “The Love You Save” and “It Will Be There” made a mark in the market and he never looked back in his career.
In 1975, Michael Jackson joined Epic Records and changed their group name to Jackson. During this, he created new dimensions of success by singing hit pop songs like “Shake Your Body” and “Enjoy Yourself”.
In 1979, Michael Jackson collaborated with Epic Records to produce his first solo album, “Off the Wall”. The album included superhit pop songs such as ‘Rock with You’, “Don’t Stop”, and “Till You Get Enough”.
This album was also well received by the people and the album was sold in the market of about 7 million copies.
Jackson’s success continued, and he released his second solo album “Thriller” in 1982, three years after that.
Superhit pop songs like “Beat It” and “Billie Jean” in this album made him the most popular superstar in the world. The songs of his album remained at the top ranking for many years.
Along with this, his “Thriller” album is one of the best selling albums till date.
Michael Jackson then went on to achieve immense success with superhit pop songs like “Dirty Diana”, “Man in the Mirror” in his “Bad” album.
Michael Jackson made his fourth album “Dangerous” in the year 1990. The album also gained considerable fame. It sold nearly 20 million copies in the market.

Michael Jackson Awards and titles – Michael Jackson Awards

He was awarded 8 of 11 Grammy Awards in 1984 for Michael Jackson’s thriller album.
Jackson, who brought pop music to a new high, was awarded the title of “King of Pop” in 1987.
Michael received 4 platinum certificates for his album “Bad” while his thriller album was certified with 20 platinum.
Michael Jackson has received the highest number of awards ever, apart from this he has also recorded 23 Guinness World Records in his name.

Michael Jackson Controversy – Michael Jackson Controversy

In 1994, Michael Jackson was severely accused of sexual abuse by a child’s family. After which Michael gave the child’s family $ 20 million for settlement, although no criminal case was filed, but his reputation was severely affected after that.
In 2002, Michael was subjected to bitter comments and criticisms from people when he hung his own son out of the balcony.
In 2003, Michael was surrounded by a lot of controversy when he had to remain in custody for 2 days on charges of sexual exploitation of a child. During this time, his house and office were also searched. Nude photos of some children were also found from Michael’s house during the search.
However, in 2005, the jury acquitted Michael of all charges. After which Michael was quite relieved.

Michael Jackson Death – Michael Jackson Death

Michael Jackson was addicted to some drugs in the last days of his life.
Thereafter, on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson had a heart attack at his home in Los Angeles (Michael Jackson Death Reason ) Lay down and died.
In this way, Michael Jackson, who made pop music a place in the world, left the world forever. There was silence all over the world on his death.
At the same time, he promised his last stage show “This is it” a few days before his death.
Michael Jackson may not be among us today, but people still remember Michael Jackson for his unique moon walk dancing style.
At the same time, Michael Jackson has gained as much fame as a singer and dancer all over the world, hardly any singer has done so far in history.

Interesting and unseen facts related to Michael Jackson – Facts about Michael Jackson

  • In 1984, during a Pepsi advertisement, he was badly injured. It also severely scorched part of Michael’s face and head hair with his skull. At the same time, Jackson used plastic surgery to eradicate the bruises.
  • Jackson had a serious illness called “Alpha-1 Antitrysin Deficiency”.
  • Jackson relied heavily on God. He praised before every show and after receiving every award, he used to thank God in his “winning speech”.
  • Michael Jackson, who led pop music to a new high, was addicted to surgery. At the same time, Jackson had a difficulty in breathing due to a broken nasal bone, after which he also underwent nose surgery.
  • Michael also slept in the oxygen chamber to stay alive for a long time.
  • Michael Jackson is the highest grossing deceased artist.
  • Michael Jackson had his live performance anti gravity boot made, which he could bend long after wearing.
  • Michael Jackson’s final farewell was watched live by nearly two and a half billion people. It is the most watched live broadcast ever.

The magic of Michael Jackson’s dance style continues to dominate the world. Even today people remember him and his dance style. His style was very well known at that time. Hardly any famous singer, songwriter and dancer has ever happened in history.
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