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Napoleon Bonaparte biography

Whoever is afraid of winning is surely defeated – Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest and victorious commanders of the world, was a great emperor of France who never learned to lose, he dominated the world with his strong intentions and unwavering determination to establish his dominance over the world. Strength and bravery was introduced.

Enemies were also awe-struck by Napoleon’s amazing courage. Let us know about the interesting journey of Napoleon Bonaparte from an ordinary man to the most powerful and powerful emperor of the world –

Napoleon Bonaparte biography



Napoleon Bonaparte Biography – Introduction to Napoleon Bonaparte

Full Name Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon bonaparte)
Birthday 15 August, 1769, Azaxio, France
Father Name Carlo Bonaparte
Mother Name Lettije Ramolino
Marriage (Wife Name) Josephine, Marie Louise
Death 1821

Napoleon Bonaparte’s Birth, Family, Marriage and Education – Napoleon Bonaparte History

Napoleon Bonaport was born in a happy family on August 15, 1769, in the Ajaxis of Corsica, in France. His father, Carlo Bonaport, was the representative of the King of France from Corsica Dedip.
Being born in a rich family, Napoleon had a very happy childhood, while he had a very good education from childhood, not only that his family, seeing his warrior instincts, made him a military officer in a military academy in France. Was sent for
He then received his graduation degree from a college in Paris in the year 1785, and was then appointed as a sublephant in the regiment artillery.
During this time his father died, after which he raised seven of his siblings. He then married Josephine, but with no children from her, she married her second marriage to Marie Louise and then fulfilled her desire to become Napoleon’s father.
Napoleon’s role during the democratic revolution in France:
After this, Napoleon Bonaparte moved to Corsica in the year 1786, 3 years later, in 1789, the French Democratic Revolution took place, the purpose of this revolt was to eliminate the French monarchy and establish democracy, while the French rebellion continued until 1799 . At the time of the French Rebellion, he again returned to France, seeing his military talent made him commander of a contingent of the rebel army.
Then in the year 1793, when the army of England captured the city of Toulun, France, Napoleon was given the responsibility to drive the British out and win, after which he demonstrated his amazing fighting skills and indomitable military talent and drove the British from there. Gave and won.
Many of the great kings of France were greatly impressed by this amazing victory and just 24 years old Napoleon was made the Breddier General. At the same time, Napoleon conquered Italy in the year 1796 and became the emperor there, which increased his fame and fame even more.
Napoleon Bonaparte as the great emperor of France:
After this, in 1799, when the situation in Paris, the capital of France, had deteriorated, due to which the government there was called helpless and weak, the Napoleon Bonaparte established a new government there with his strategic skills. Of.
After this, he strengthened the economic system of France and made many major changes there as well as propagated education and got the people their rights, not only did they create a powerful army of France. Due to which his popularity increased more among the people. In the year 1804, he declared himself Emperor to establish peace in France.
Napoleon expanded the French empire:
This great Emperor of France, Napoleon, won the biggest battle of his life in the year 1805, defeating the vast armies of Australia and Russia with his strategic skills. In this rebellion, Napoleon showed his bravery by killing around 26 thousand soldiers of the enemy.
From 1805 to 1811, this reckless emperor established his dominance in Europe by expanding the French empire in all the big countries like Holland, Germany, Italy, Australia.
Napoleon’s biggest mistake is to travel to Russia:
Napoleon decided to completely stop Britain’s trade in 1812 when Britain did not have a peace agreement, and deployed about 6 million French troops to Russia’s border to persuade Russia for its economic blockade.
But Napoleon did not achieve much success on the fronts of Russia, but Napoleon had to retreat, due to the terrible winter, during which Napoleon’s heavy army fell victim to starvation, and from here Napoleon’s kingdom began to disintegrate.

When Napoleon was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo after the disintegration of the king – Battle of Waterloo

We all remembered the history of many great wars in the history books during school days and also went into detail about many. But over time we forget many things we read in school. During school days we all read about the France Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and the Battle of Waterloo as well.
The Battle of Waterloo was a battle that ended Napoleon’s story of conquering most of Europe. But do you know that it was rain that caused the defeat of the Emperor of Europe? It sounds a bit strange to hear, but you will be surprised to know that rain is also the major reason for Napoleon’s defeat. Which has recently been proven in research by Matthew Yonge, a London geologist.
French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte, who ruled over half of Europe in the early 19th century, was expelled from his country and sent to the island of Elba. Actually, in the year 1815, Napoleon decided to attack the Netherlands with 70 thousand soldiers.
But in the meantime, the wind of rebellion against Napoleon was started. An alliance was being formed to sabotage Napoleon’s dreams. This alliance was formed by a coalition of Belgian, British, German and Dutch armies. Which Napoleon’s army had to face. This coalition of Belgian, British, German and Dutch armies was led by the then Duke of Wellington and Marshal Gebhard von Blücher.
It is believed that between the alliance forces and Napoleon’s army Battle of Waterloo Lasted for about ten hours. Many historians believe that it was raining heavily when the Battle of Waterloo took place. Because of which Napoleon’s army was having difficulty in fighting.
One of Napoleon’s mistakes during the fighting is also considered to be that he used his cavalry too late, which benefited the troops of the opposing army. Napoleon’s soldiers became weak in fighting as the ground was wet. However, the weather was not attributed to Napoleon’s defeat at that time.
200 years after the Battle of Waterloo, a research has revealed that the reason for Napoleon’s defeat was some heavy rain. According to the researches, in the year 1815, there was rain in the summer month which was probably not expected. But there was also a reason for rain in the summer season.
According to reports, there was an explosion in Mount Tambora Jwalamukhi, Indonesia several months before the Battle of Waterloo in the same year. The explosion killed 1 lakh people in Indonesia. In the same eruption, a volcanic ash named Ayanosphere was also generated.
According to scientists, these ashes are responsible for the formation of clouds in the atmosphere. And this was the reason that during the summer months, the clouds made of volcanic ash of Indonesia caused heavy heavy rain. Which was probably not even expected of Napoleon.
Although it cannot be said atomically that one of the returning causes of Napoleon’s defeat was the change in weather, but it can definitely be considered one of the countless reasons for Napoleon’s defeat. And if this research is fully proved in the coming time, the defeat of Water Lu and Napoleon will be presented as an example of the consequences of climate change. What a great contribution a player can make in a season’s defeat and victory.

Death of napoleon – Napoleon Bonaparte Death

After losing the Battle of Waterloo, Britain held Napoleon for about 6 years. St. Helena, South Atlantic Imprisoned in And then in the year 1821, this great king died due to stomach cancer.
In this way, Napoleon, during his lifetime, showed his marvelous power and indomitable power, and deposited himself on many parts of Europe and he became the greatest king in history. Everyone needs to take inspiration from Napoleon Bonaparte’s life.
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