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Oscar Morales, a Mexican YouTuber, co-runs the channel “OKbaby” with his partner, and is regarded as its patriarch. He stands in for the letter “O” in “OK,” and Kyra Sivertson, his girlfriend, for the letter “K.” The pair gained notoriety by chronicling their day-to-day activities as young, adolescent parents of small children. In their vlogs, they usually include themselves and their two children. Despite the fact that Morales became a parent for the first time when still a teenager, he is old enough to effectively take care of his family. He inspires all young fathers who are having difficulty juggling their family commitments because he understands what it takes to be a wonderful father. Straightforward in nature, Morales doesn’t second-guess who he is or what he has done in the past. He’s a freelance vlogger at the moment and enjoys using social media. Despite the fact that he and his fiancée currently have millions of subscribers on their channel, the YouTuber hopes to grow even more in the future.

Oscar Morales Ascent to Fame

On May 2, 2015, Oscar Morales and his girlfriend Kyra Sivertson started the YouTube channel “OKbaby.” “1-2-3 Couples Tag” was the title of the couple’s debut vlog. A second private video titled “13 week pregnancy update” came after this. Morales and his sweetie discussed the prenatal medications Kyra had to take during her pregnancy in this video. The couple posted a vlog of their baby Levi’s delivery on October 20, 2015, titled “Teen Mom Emergency C-Section.” Within a week of its release, thousands of people had watched this film. This birth vlog, which has received almost 4 million views so far, is something that every expectant mother should watch. This video was followed by more vlogs that showed the couple’s everyday life as teen parents.

On August 17, 2016, Kyra’s second pregnancy was revealed by Morales and his fiancée. They released further information about her pregnancy in the months that followed, and shortly after their second child was born, they uploaded the birth vlog. The two have been chronicling their children’s lives ever since.

1.3 million people follow the couple’s channel, OKbaby, on a current basis. “Father and Son Surprise Mom- Pregnancy Announcement” and “Baby Girl’s Birth Date (Birth Vlog)” are two of the most watched vlogs on the family hub. These family vlogs have had over 7 million and over 4 million views, respectively, and they will undoubtedly receive more in the future!

Individual Life of Oscar Morales

On September 26, 1996, in Guadalajara, Mexico, Oscar Morales was born. At the moment, he resides with his vlogging girlfriend, Kyra Sivertson. The couple’s two children are son Levi and daughter Alaya as of right now. In the middle of 2019, they will welcome their third child. In addition to her joint channel with Morales, Sivertson maintains a solo channel on YouTube called “Kbaby,” where she shares beauty instructions and vlogs.

The internet stars Khoa Nguyen and Keren Swanson, who manage the YouTube vlogging channel “KKandbabyJ,” are close friends with Morales and his partner.

Net worth of Oscar Morales

The estimated net worth of Oscar Morales is about $1 million.


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