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QPark is a popular YouTuber, Instagrammer, and social media influencer who is of Korean descent. He became well-known by uploading videos that make viewers laugh by exaggerating real-life events and acting bizarrely in public. QPark was born in South Korea and later immigrated to the US with his family. He studied at Yale University and began his career as an investment banker after earning a degree in economics. Later, he resigned and started a Korean BBQ restaurant of his own. It was a success, but he wasn’t content. He eventually sold the company and started devoting all of his time to social networking. He began his online career on Vine, where he eventually rose to become one of the most well-known stars. QPark successfully migrated to Instagram after it shut down in 2017, where he now has more than 2.8 million followers. He also posts his stuff on his YouTube account, which he created in May 2007. He has amassed more than four million subscribers on the channel over the years.

The Career of QPark Bio

QPark joined the New York-based Merrill Lynch financial services as an analyst in the energy and power division after graduating from college in 2000. Before joining Morgan Joseph & Co., Inc. as the vice president of the media and entertainment department, he worked there for two years. He remained there for the next six years, putting in roughly one hundred hours per week. Later on, he claimed that it nearly killed him.

In order to create a Korean BBQ restaurant, QPark left his position at Morgan Joseph & Co., Inc. in 2009. The business venture was quite prosperous. He opened three other eateries throughout the subsequent years. But he came to the conclusion that eating was his true pleasure, not cooking. He also developed an interest in social media around this time. In order to pursue a career as a comedian and social media influencer, he sold all of his eateries in 2014.

The Vine account for QPark was created sometime in 2013. He claimed that his primary motivation for creating videos was to amuse viewers. He had no desire to pursue a career in comedy. With over three million followers and endorsement partnerships with companies including Pepsi, Hewlett-Packard, Virgin Mobile, Dunkin’ Donuts, Gap, Budweiser, Kia, Comcast, TBS, Charmin, Marvel, Smirnoff, TNT, VH1, Spotify, and Adult Swim, Vine was a huge success during the height of his fame.

In April 2012, QPark first began posting pictures to the photo and video-sharing website Instagram. He declared in August 2013 that he will soon begin posting films to the app. In September, he published his debut comedy skit on Instagram. He tried to scare random strangers with a fake snake in the video. He kept posting on the platform throughout the following few years, but Vine remained his top choice.

However, Instagram replaced Vine as his main social media site in 2017 once it permanently shut down. He receives hundreds of millions of views per episode and has over 2.8 million followers on the platform.

While still employed by Morgan Joseph & Co., Inc., QPark started his YouTube channel in May 2007 and posted his debut video, titled “Canon Rock — better than funtwo!,” on the same day. He began posting material on YouTube once he established himself as a comic based on social media. He has more than 300 million views and over 4 million subscribers as of 2018.

He frequently receives tens of thousands of views on YouTube, similar to Instagram. ’10 Hours of Walking in NYC as Kim Jong Un’, which has received over 18 million views, is his most watched video on the platform. His other well-liked videos include “Dame Tu Cosita Challenge (The New Version!!) in Public!!!” (11.3 million views), “Bad Bunny X Ozuna X Nicky Jam – “Te Bote Remix” – Singing in Public!!,” and “Best of Bad Bunny – Singing In Public Compilation by QPark!!” (9 million views).

QPark is active on a variety of social media sites. On Twitter, he has more than 110k followers, while on Facebook, he has more than 6 million fans.

Individual Life of QPark Bio

South Korea is where QPark was born on July 17, 1979. He has a sibling. He eventually moved to America with his family at some point. From 1990 to 1996, he attended Horace Mann School before enrolling at Yale University. In 2000, he earned his Bachelor of Arts in economics.

Long-time New Yorker QPark. He is in a relationship with his business partner, Edith Oquendo. She frequently acts as the cameraperson and has starred in several of his videos.

Net Worth of QPark Bio

The estimated net worth of QPark Bio is around $1 million.

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