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Ram Prasad Bismil History

Ram Prasad Bismil was not only a great freedom fighter and revolutionary of India but also a great poet, writer, litterateur, poet and translator. Who dedicated their whole life for the independence of the country and sacrificed their lives.

“Sarfaroshi ki Tammana” written by Ram Prasad Bismil, this song still instills a sense of patriotism among the youth. Ram Prasad Bismil was a revolutionary who shook British rule by executing the Kakori incident and sacrificed his life to protect the country.

Let’s know some special things related to the life of this great freedom fighter of India, Ramprasad Bismil-

“Our hearts are filled with the passion to sacrifice. Want to see how much force is in the arm? “

Introduction of great freedom fighter and litterateur Ram Prasad Bismil



Biography of Ram Prasad Bismil at a glance – Ram Prasad Bismil Information

Full Name Ram Prasad ‘Bismil
Birthday 11 June 1897, Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh
Father Name Murlidhar
Mother Name Original
Marital Status Single
Educational Qualification Eighth pass
Death 19 December 1927, Gorakhpur Jail

Ramprasad Bismil Birth, Family, Education and Early Life – Ram Prasad Bismil Biography

India’s great freedom fighter Ramprasad Bismil was born in Shahjahanpur, a Hindu Brahmin family in Uttar Pradesh. His father lived in the Muralidhar court selling his government stamp paper while his mother Moolamati was a domestic woman. From the very beginning, his father used to take Ram Prasad Bismil very seriously.
At the age of 6, he got Bismil enrolled in the state school of Shahjahanpur. However, Bismil ji’s mind seemed to be more in his childhood than in studies and writing, due to which he has also killed his father many times.
Bismil had studied Urdu from a cleric. At the same time, due to some family reasons, he did his studies till eighth only. At the same time, Ramprasad Bismil became fond of reading novels and even started stealing money from his father’s chest to buy the novel.
Apart from this, during his teenage years, he had developed many bad habits of smoking including cigarettes, alcohol. At the same time, Ram Prasad Bismil failed twice in the middle examination of Urdu language due to these same wrong antics. During this time, the character of a Vidhan Pandit who came to live near his house had a great influence on Bismil and then he made efforts for self-improvement, after which his mind started focusing in the spiritual practice of God.
Ramprasad Bismil as a supporter of Arya Samaj:
The neighboring Pandit had such an impact on Ramprasad Bismil that he had completely assimilated. One day he met Munshi Indrajit, who gave him some sermons of the Arya Samaj and advised him to read the book Satyarth Prakash, the founder of the Arya Samaj, Swami Dayanand.
At the same time, after reading this book, Bismil started following the rules of brahmacharya and took part in the conferences etc. organized by the Arya Samaj, as well as following the principles of Arya Samaj strictly. However, Bismil’s father strongly opposed his growing inclination towards Arya Samaj.
Impact of Acharya Somdev’s personality on Bismil and inspiration to become revolutionary:
Swami Somdev had once reached Bismil’s village Shahjahanpur for the promotion of Arya Samaj, when Bismil met Somdev ji. Somdev ji’s great personality and thoughts had such a profound effect on Bismil that he made Somdev ji his mentor and started following the path suggested by him.
At the same time, Somdev ji had given political and religious education to Bismil, and developed a sense of patriotism in him. Due to this, Ram Prasad Bismil attended the Congress session held in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh capital in the year 1916 and then he started reading every news related to Lahore plant.
During this time, he was greatly hurt by the death sentence given to Parmanandji, the main accused of Lahore plant and he got angry against the British and he pledged to drive the British out of India and only after this incident he made a great Like a revolutionary, he completely dedicated himself to the service of the country.
Bismil’s role in Mainpuri plant:
Ram Prasad Bismil, along with some of his colleagues, formed the Shivaji Committee to create fear in the minds of British officers and through this committee he organized the youth of Mainpuri, Agra, Etawah and Shahjahanpur to raid and robbery in British rule. Started Adi Karwani.
At the same time, when Bismil along with his colleagues were planning to carry out a robbery between Delhi and Agra, the British police arrested his organization’s Gandalal, although they later escaped by dodging the police. Were.
But the British police had failed to apprehend Bismil during this period, but the judge later declared Ramprasad Bismil and Gendalal absconding and sentenced them for the Mainpuri plant. After this incident, Bismil remained under ground for a few days and during this time he also wrote many books.
After this, when the British Government waived the sentence of the accused of Mainpuri plant, Bismil worked as a manager in “Bharat Silk Manufacturing Company” in Shahjahanpur and then traded silk sarees for some time in Sadar Bazar.
However, he was not satisfied with all this and because the flame of evacuating the British from India was still burning in his mind. Due to which he participated in the non-cooperation movement of Gandhiji.
Role of Ram Prasad Bismil in Non-cooperation movement:
The great revolutionary of the country, Ramprasad Bismil, was greatly influenced by the non-cooperation movement launched by Gandhiji against the British. Inspired by this, he went to the Congress session of Ahmedabad in 1921 and here he supported the proposal of Purna Swaraj of Congress member Maulana Hasrat Mouhana.
After returning from this session, he inspired the Indian youth to participate in the Non-Cooperation Movement through his fiery speeches, poems and writings. During this time, the British authorities also banned the publication of some articles written by them.
In 1922, when Mahatma Gandhi withdrew the non-cooperation movement after the Chauri Chaura incident, he opposed Gandhiji, after which the Congress was divided into two groups.

Establishment of Revolutionary Party / Hindustan Republican Association by Ramprasad Bismil – Hindustan Socialist Republican Association

Ramprasad Bismil gathered the youth of the United Provinces to form a revolutionary party. He founded the revolutionary party in collaboration with Jai Gopal Mukherjee, Shachindra Nath Sanyal, Yogesh Chandra Chatterjee and then changed the name of the party with everyone’s consent Hindustan Republican Association Has been done.

Ramprasad Bismil’s role in Kakori scandal – Kakori Conspiracy

Ramprasad Bismil planned to plunder the treasury of the British government to raise funds for the Hindustan Republican Party.
Under his leadership, Chandrashekhar Azad, Rajendra Lahiri, Murari Sharma, Mukundari Lal, Shachindra Nath Bakhshi Ashfaq Ulla Khan, Banwari Lal, Manmathnath Gupta, Keshav Chakraborty jointly robbed the treasure at Kakori station near Lucknow on August 9, 1925 . At the same time, after the Kakori incident, Bismil was arrested along with about 40 more people including his accomplices.

Ram Prasad Bismil hanged – Ram Prasad Bismil Death

After being found guilty of the Kakori incident, the British hanged Ramprasad Bismil on December 19, 1927, along with Ashfaq Ulla Khan and Rajendra Lahiri, in the Gorakhpur district. Before hanging on the gallows, the great revolutionary Bismil sang the poem ‘Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil hai hain’ and was martyred for the nation laughing.

Ram Prasad Bismil as a writer – Ram Prasad Bismil Books

Along with being a great patriot and revolutionary, Ramprasad Bismil was also a writer and a famous poet. He wrote many poems in his life on patriotism. Among the famous works composed by him are “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna is in our heart now, to see how much power is in the arm”, “Wave of Mind”, Kranti Geetanjali, Bolvashik’s handiwork etc.

Famous compositions of Ramprasad Bismil – Ram Prasad Bismil Poems

The desire for sacrifice is now in our hearts.
You have to see how much strength is there in Bazu-e-murderer.
Why not do some other conversation.
I see whom she is in your silence
O Shaheed-e-Mulk-o-Millat, I am on you.
Now the courage of your courage is in the presence of non
The desire for sacrifice is now in our hearts.
Let the time come and I will tell you
What can we tell from now on?
All are expected to be murdered.
Today the lovers are in Cooch-e-Katal.
The desire for sacrifice is now in our hearts.
The weapon is sitting there in enemy stance.
And we are ready to sew our own here.
Holi Gar Watan will play with blood
The desire for sacrifice is now in our hearts.
The hands in which the passion is not cut with the sword.
Heads who get up do not bow down deftly.
And it will rage which is shola-sa in our heart.
The desire for sacrifice is now in our hearts.
We had just left the house and tied it on the head.
Take these steps on your palm
Life is in the presence of his guest death.
The desire for sacrifice is now in our hearts.
The murderer is saying this again and again in the standing area.
Is Tamanna-e-Shahadat also in anyone’s heart?
The storm of the heart and the intricacy of the veins.
Conscious enemies will blow us away today.
Stay away from us, which is in my destination
What is that body in which there is no blood.
What did you fight with the storm, which is in kashti-e-sahil.
The desire for sacrifice is now in our hearts.
Apart from this, there are many other compositions which are very famous even today. He did his final work “What is lost when the salutator comes again, what does his love come after the barbaric of the heart”.
In this way, Ramprasad Bismil continued to liberate the slave country from the clutches of the British all his life and he laid down his life for the sake of the country. His thoughts and his compositions still awaken the spirit of patriotism among the youth. Even today, there is respect for him in the heart of every Indian.

Ram Prasad Bismil Motivational Thoughts – Ram Prasad Bismil Slogan and Quotes

  • I am confident that my soul will return to work with renewed vigor and vigor for the motherland and its poor progeny ……
  • Let no one be seen with hatred and neglect, but treat everyone with compassion and love ..
  • I want the complete destruction of the British Empire.

The Government of India has also established “Pandit Ram Prasad Bismil Railway Station” in Northern Railway in his honor. Along with this, Vinod Ganatra has also made a film on his life. A sincere tribute to the team of learned Pandit to Ram Prasad Bismil ji.
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