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American actress, dancer, singer, and model Skylar Dunn is best known for playing the role of “Young Charity” in the critically acclaimed musical sensation “The Greatest Showman.” Her love for acting began to grow at a young age, and she began dancing at the age of 2. As she grew older, she began dancing competitively and appearing in regional community theater performances. Her solo endeavors have included dance pieces like “The Nothingest Girl in the World” and “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” as well as musical productions like “Broadway Baby,” “Man of La Mancha,” and “The Greatest Star.” With the comedic series “Sitters: The Series,” she made her television debut. “Altered Hours,” a science fiction thriller, was her debut picture. She became well-known because of “The Greatest Showman.” She appeared in the comedies “Odd Mom Out” and “Orange Is the New Black,” both on the web. She has acted in a number of TV movies and short films, including “Bedtime Story,” “A Dream of Flying,” “Chocolate Cake,” “Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives,” and “Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives.”

Career of Skylar Dunn

When she was 2 years old, she started dance lessons. Eventually, she became quite interested in acting. She soon started competing in dance competitions and appearing in community theater performances.

The 5-year-old blonde with blue eyes made a solo appearance in the musical theater production of “Broadway Baby” in 2013. She deserved to come in first. She made an appearance in that year’s thriller-drama TV film “Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives,” which was directed by Mark Pellington. In the same year’s November 30 release of the brief drama “A Dream of Flying,” she also made an uncredited appearance.

On January 1, 2014, she made an appearance in the ‘Sitters: The Series comedy TV series’ pilot episode. She played the part of “Peyton” in the episode. Skylar played “Isabelle” in the 8-minute Bedtime Story, a short horror movie that was released that year. Mischa Auzins wrote and helmed the production. That year, she also participated in a solo performance of the musical “Man of La Mancha.”

At the age of 7, she competed in the 2015 “Sheer Talent Nationals” competition and took third place with her contemporary dance, “The Nothing Girl in the World.” While Skylar herself recorded the song, Sandee Juliano choreographed the dance. She also participated in the lyrical “When She Loved Me” performance on the “Sheer Talent” program that year. Sandee Juliano created the choreography, costumes, and props for the performance.

After appearing in the solo musical theater production of “The Greatest Star” in 2016, she was named the first runner-up in the “Small Wonder Sheer Talent Nationals” competition. She also made an appearance in Benjamin Shweky’s co-written and directed short film “Chocolate Cake” that same year. On September 2, 2016, it was shown at the “Central Florida Film Festival.”

‘Altered Hours,’ a science fiction thriller starring Ryan Munzert, Briana Pozner, and Rick Montgomery Jr., served as her feature film debut. The movie, in which she played the part of “Emily,” had its world premiere on November 12, 2016, at the “Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival,” and it was released in the US on March 20, 2018.
She appeared on “Sheer Talent” in 2017 and performed the modern dance “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.” The original voiceover and the dance were both created by Sandee Juliano. At the “Hall of Fame Dance Challenge” that year, Skylar performed “Abandoned,” a contemporary dance by “Jennifer Polio-Dance Unlimited.” She also took the stage in the solo musical “That’s Life.”

She became famous for portraying ‘Charity Barnum’ when she was younger in the smash hit musical ‘The Greatest Showman,’ which also served as Michael Gracey’s directorial debut. Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron, Zendaya, and Rebecca Ferguson all starred in the movie, which had its world debut on the RMS Queen Mary 2 on December 8 and was subsequently released by 20th Century Fox on December 20 in the US. It became the fifth-highest-grossing live-action musical in movie history after earning more than $434 million worldwide.
Skylar played “Bella” in Hong Zhou’s 2017 Hong Zhou-directed and written short fantasy drama “Bella’s Teddy Bear.”

At the 2018 “Spirit of Dance Competition,” she gave a modern solo dance performance to the song “Never Enough.” Jennifer Polio choreographed the performance.
Skylar has made cameos in “Odd Mom Out” and “Orange is the New Black.” Don Buchwald and Associates, a representation firm, is in charge of her.

Videos of her performances can be found on her official “YouTube” channel, “Skylarmariedunn,” which she created on October 22, 2006. More than a thousand people have already subscribed to the channel, and it has had over 98 thousand “views.”

Individual Life of Skylar Dunn

Roy and Jackie Brailsford Dunn welcomed her into the world on August 16, 2007, in Branford, Connecticut, in the United States. Luke is her younger brother’s name.

What is known about her personal life is limited. Skylar currently attends public school while focusing on her acting career. She resides in Los Angeles, California, at the moment.
She enjoys participating in sports and other hobbies, as well as hanging out with her pals. Austyn Johnson, who co-starred with her in “The Greatest Showman,” is a close friend of hers. She enjoys reading and playing the guitar. She goes by the name Skye.

Zendaya, a performer and singer, and Grace Avery VanderWaal are two of her musical role models. She hopes to have a long acting career and one day attend the Yale School of Drama.

Net Worth of Skylar Dunn

The estimated net worth of Skylar Dunn is about $1 million.

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