Steve Jobs Biography, Full Name, Birthday, Son, Wife, Death, Girlfriend

Steve Jobs Biography

The life of Apple founder Steve Jobs is inspiring for everyone, the way he has overcome all the struggles in his life and touched new dimensions of success in his life is truly praise-worthy.

There was a time in Jobs’ life when he had to feed his hunger from the food found in a temple and had to sleep in the land of a friend’s house.

Not only this, he also went through that phase in his life when he was fired from his own company Apple, but despite all this, he never gave up and kept moving forward. Let’s know about the inspirational life of Steve Jobs-

Biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs



Biography of Steve Jobs at a Glance – Steve Jobs Information

Full Name Steve paul jobs
Birthday 24 February 1955, St. Francisco, California
Father Name Abdulftat Jandali, Paul Jobs (who adopted)
Mother Name Joanne Simpson, Clara (who adopted)
Wife Lorin Powell (1991–2011), Kirsten Brennan
Children’s Name Lisa Brennan, Erin Jobs, Eve Jobs, Reed Jobs
Death 5 October 2011 (California)

Birth of Steve Jobs, Family, Early Life – Steve Jobs History

The birth and upbringing of Steve Jobs is also completely different from the rest. Actually, he was born on February 24, 1955, in St. Francisco, California, in the home of Abdulfatt: Jandali, a Muslim from Syria.
He was born to Joatri Simpson’s womb, though his mother did not marry during that time. So they decided to give Steve a lap.
After this, he gave a couple named Paul and Clara in the lap after assuring them to send jobs to college.
Let me tell you that Paul, who adopted Jobs, was a mechanic, while his mother, Clara, was an accountant who later opened a garage. At the same time, Jobs was also interested in electronics from the beginning.
So they used to tamper with the electronic goods kept in the garage and always kept trying to find something new. In this way, as a child, Jobs learned a lot of electronics work from his father.
At the same time, Jobs was a sharp-witted student with a brilliant talent since childhood, although he used to feel good sitting at home and reading books when he went to school.

Steve Jobs Education and Early Careers – Steve Jobs Education

Steve Jobs’ parents somehow incurred the cost of studying until his high school, but after that when Steve Jobs was admitted to Reed College in Oregon, it was so expensive that the entire accumulated capital of Ste’s parents was College fees started to be spent, so Steve Jobs decided to leave his college after the first semester due to lack of money.
Even after leaving college, he used to attend a class of Calligraphy. Calligraphy is the art of writing letters creatively and in a good way.
During this time, Steve Jobs became friends with Wozniak, who was equally interested in electronics and computers.
In the early days of his life, Steve Jobs had to go through a bad phase due to financial constraints. Steve Jobs did not have enough money to satisfy his stomach hunger, sell the coke bottle and somehow make a living, and every Sunday he went to the Krishna temple because there was enough food available for free, not only Steve Jobs spent many nights sleeping in the floor in his friend’s room.
However, there was no lack of determination and talent inside Steve Jobs. This led to him working in a video game developing company in 1972, but Steve Jobs was not satisfied with the job and then decided to quit.
At the same time, whatever money was saved from this job, he came to visit India. Actually, Steve has been greatly influenced by Indian culture and he wanted to come here and get spiritual knowledge.
So he spent about 7-8 months in 1974 in Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi, India and studied Buddhism here.
After this he went back to America, though no longer the former jobs, he had changed completely and his mind was completely focused. After that, he joined the job again.

Most prestigious company as Apple’s founder – Steve Jobs Apple Founder

Wozniak, Steve Jobs’ best friend, once built his personal computer, which he was very happy to see and after this, Jobs got the idea to do business of making computers.
Then in 1976, Jobs, along with his friend, started making computers in his father’s garage, renaming the company started as “Apple”.
Subsequently, this company invented new successions and touched new dimensions of success. In 1980, the Apple company of Jobs became a reputed and well-known company in the world.
When Steve pulled out of his own company Apple:
A moment came in the life of Steve Jobs when his own company forced him to design.
Daresal, a success-seeking Apple, got a break when Apple launched Apple 3 and then Lisa Computer (named after Steve’s daughter). Both these products flopped badly.
However, Steve later worked hard to make Mackintosh and then launched it with Mackintosh in 1984 by making it to the Best Super Bowl on Lisa, after which he was successful again.
At the same time, Apple and IBM started making computers together. Due to good quality, its demand in the market increased so much that the company was under pressure to build more and more systems.
However, Steve Jobs never concealed his company’s concept and it also suffered, as many other companies adopted his concept and started making computers and selling them to customers at cheap prices, which caused Apple to lose a lot and was responsible for Steve Jobs. Assuming his own company pressured him to leave the company, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple on September 17, 1985.
However, 5 more of his close colleagues with him resigned from Apple.

Next Computer built in times of conflict – Next Computer Company Steve Jobs

He says that struggle and failure open the way to success for humans.
This is what happened with Steve Jobs after he was forced out of his own company, but he did not take advantage of this opportunity and made a fresh start as Next Computer, during which his luck also supported and his company A large businessman, Perot, invested.
After this, on October 12, 1988, NEXT Computer was launched at an event. However, Next was also very advanced like Apple, so it was very expensive as well, due to which Next suffered a lot of damage.
After this, Steve Jobs realized this and made the Next Commuter Company a software company and he also achieved considerable success.

Jobs’ partnership with graphics company Disney – Graphic Disney Companies Partner Steve Jobs

In 1986, Steve Jobs partnered with Pixar Movie Purchasing, a graphics company, and Disney. After this, Steve went up the ladder of success and never looked back in his life.

Returns as CEO at Apple – Apple Ceo Steve Jobs

Apple then talked to Steve to buy Next Company in 1996, and the deal was finalized for $ 427 million. This time Steve Jobs returned to the Apple company as CEO, but during this time Apple was going through a tough phase, after which the company launched Apple IPOD Music Player and ITunes under Steve’s guidance.
After this, in 2007, Apple revolutionized the mobile world by launching its first mobile phone, while Apple is continuously touching new positions of success by launching new producers one after the other.

Marriage and personal life of Steve Jobs – Steve Jobs Life Story

Steve Jobs was born to his love partner Kirsten Brennan in 1978, a daughter Lisa Brennan. She then married Lauren Powell in the year 1991. The two were born to three children named Reed, Erin and Eve.

Steve Jobs Awards – Steve Jobs Awards

Apple company founder Steve Jobs has been awarded several awards in his life, some of which are as follows –

  • Steve Joves was awarded the “National Medal of Technology” by the President of the United States.
  • Steve Jobs was awarded the “California Hall of Fame”.
  • Steve Jobs was awarded the “Machine of the Year” award in 1982 for his iconic company, Apple.

Death of Steve Jobs – Steve Jobs Death

Apple’s founder Steve Jobs, the world’s largest company, suffered from a disease like pancreatic cancer at the end of his life.
After fighting the disease for many years, he breathed his last in Palo Alto, California on October 2, 2011 and left the world saying goodbye.
At the same time, on 24 August 2011, before his death, Steve Jobs announced the appointment of Team Cook as the new CEO of Apple.
Today, Steve Jobs is definitely not among us, but he will always be remembered for laying the foundation of a prestigious company like Apple.

Interesting and interesting facts related to Steve Jobs – Facts About Steve Jobs

  • Steve Jobs first saw a computer at the age of 12.
  • Once Steve Jobs was sitting in Apple’s Garden, he thought of renaming his company as Apple.
  • “Jobs” has become a movie on the great and inspiring life of Steve Jobs, besides Disney Pixar’s film “Brave” is also dedicated to his life.
  • Steve Jobs came to India to gain spiritual knowledge. Apart from this, he also loved Indian culture and costumes.
  • Steve Jobs came to India in 1974 and spent several months in Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.
  • Steve Jobs considered the great scientist Einstein his ideal.
  • Steve Jobs poured the Apple’s Ipod into the water when it first sampled, and then proved with air bubbles that it could be made even more small and attractive.
  • Steve Jobs was fired in 1984 from his own company, Apple.
  • Steve Jobs also did not have college degrees like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.
  • The interesting thing about Steve Jobs is that he used to drive without a number plate.
  • Steve Jobs followed Buddhism.

Inspirational Thoughts by Apple Founder Steve Jobs – Steve Jobs Quotes

  • “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it at all by living someone else’s life.”
  • “Death is perhaps the greatest invention of this life.”
  • “Those who are so mad, they think they can change the world, they often change.”
  • “Design is not just how the thing looks or feels, but the design is how that thing works.”
  • “Sometimes life will hit your head with a brick but never lose your confidence.”

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