The Baker And The Beauty (Aha) Cast, Real Name, Actors

The Baker & Beauty is the local version of the popular Israeli romcom The Baker And The Beauty. It was released on 10 September 2021 on the Telugu OTT platform Aha. Scripted in Telugu, the series displays an unlikely romance between a middle-class youngster Vijay, who runs his parents’ small-time bakery, and a film star Aira Vasireddy, who is a loner at heart. Here’s the complete list of the cast and crew of “The Baker And The Beauty”:

Santosh Shobhan

Tina Shilparaj


Jhansi Laxmi

Vishnu Priya Bhimeneni

Sai Swetha

Sangeeth Shobhan

Krishnaswamy Shrikanth Iyyangar

The Baker & The Beauty Trailer:

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