Thomas Alva Edison Biography, Birthday, Wife, Death, Education

Thomas Alva Edison Biography

Thomas Elva Edison, the great inventor who made great discoveries such as the electric bulb, was expelled from school for never being retarded.

But on the strength of his sharpness and intelligence, he has made many great inventions and got his talent in front of the whole world and set an example for the rest of the people.

Everyone needs to take inspiration from the great life of Thomas Elva Edison. So let’s know about the life of Thomas Elva Edison –

Thomas Alva Edison’s life introduction, which illuminated the world with his invention – Thomas Alva Edison Biography

Thomas Alva Edison Biography



Biography of Thomas Elva Edison at a Glance – Thomas Alva Edison Information

Full Name Thomas Alva Edison
Birthday February 11, 1847, Milne, Ohio, United States
Father Name Samuel Ogden Edison
Mother Name Nancy Mathieu Elliot
Marriage (Wife Name)
  • Mina Miller (1885–1931),
  • Mary Stillwell (1871–1884)
Education Did not complete school
Death October 18, 1931

Thomas Alva Edison Birth, Family, Early Life and Education – Thomas Alva Edison Life History in Hindi

Thomas Elva Edison was born on February 11, 1847, in Milan, Ohio, USA. He was the youngest child of Nancy Mathieu and Samuel Ogden Edison.

Thomas Edison’s education – Thomas Edison Education

Thomas Elva Edison was a sharp, intelligent and intelligent student since childhood. He was of a curious tendency from the beginning, who was eager to know new things from the beginning.
However, initially his teacher expelled him from school after 3 months of enrolling in the school.
After this, Edison studied at home under the guidance of his mother.
When Edison was just 10 years old, he had studied Dictionary of Science with great texts like Gibbon, CR.
It is also said of the great scientist Thomas Elva Edison that from the beginning he had low hearing ability due to a disease called Sktlet and at the last moment he lost his hearing.
However, Thomas Edison never let his deafness come in the face of his success and he tried with sincerity and hard work to achieve his goal and he achieved his life with great achievements and showed his talent in front of the whole world. Made it

Thomas Alva Edison’s Marital Life – Thomas Alva Edison Life Story And Marriage

Thomas Elva Edison was married at the age of 24 to a 16-year-old woman named Mary Stillwell. Let me tell you that Edsin had decided to marry Mary only after 2 months of his meeting with her and then in 1871, on the occasion of Christmas, both of them got married to each other.
They got three children from their marriage (Thomas edison children) William, Thomas Jr. and Marion were also born. Mary Stilwell died of illness after nearly 13 years of marriage.
About 1 year later in 1885, Thomas Elva Edison married a woman named Mina Miller. From her second marriage, Addison had three children named Madeleine, Theodore and Charles.

The struggling life of Thomas Elva Edison – Thomas Alva Edison Story

Thomas Elva Edison, who illuminated the world with great inventions such as the electric bulb, struggled a lot in the early days of his life.
Due to poor economic condition of the house, he also worked to distribute the newspaper from house to house to support the expenditure.
Not only this, during his struggle days he also worked as a telephone operator.
Thomas Elva Edison’s job:
Thomas Elva Edison joined the job at a young age of about 13-14 years. In fact, he used to sell news papers and toffees on the side of the train during the days of struggle.
At the same time, he saved the life of a 3-year-old child Jimmy McKenzie walking on the train tracks with a speed train coming from a speed.
At the same time, this child was of station master JU McKenzie. At the same time, the station master was very happy to tell him about the telegram and in addition he had taught Thomas Elva Edison to operate the telegraph machine.
After which Thomas Edison did his first telegraphy job at Stretford Station in Ontario. Later he also did many experiments to improve telegram equipment.
Edison also worked in press bureaus:
In the year 1866, Thomas Elva Edison, who illuminated the world with his inventions, moved to Louisville, Kentucky. Where he also worked in the bureau of the Associated Press.
Edison did his duty there at night, so that he could get more time for his experiments. One day at the office, he was using some acid on the battery, when the acid spread on the floor.
After which Thomas Elva Edison was fired.

Thomas Alva Edison and his inventions – Thomas Alva Edison Inventions

Thomas Elva Edison was interested in new innovations since childhood. They save whatever money they used to save by selling newspapers and vegetables etc. in their experiments.
Edison has invented its first invention electric vote recorder Which he patented in 1668.
However, no one had bought this invention of theirs. However, after this experiment, Edison continued with further experiments.
He then invented the harmonic telegraph. Then it invented the microphone and fax machine.
He was recognized in a phonograph made in the year 1877. After this, from 1878, Thomas Elva Edison started working on his most important invention, the electric bulb.
He got thousands of failures in this invention, but he continued with all his hard work and honesty after learning from every unsuccessful attempt.
After this, he was successful in developing carbon thread filament in the year 1879, for this invention he had to spend about 40 thousand dollars.
Let me tell you that the great inventor Thomas Elva Edison succeeded in successfully lighting this bulb on October 22, 1879 and the whole world was illuminated by this invention.
For this, he received the patent on 27 January 1880. After this invention, Thomas Elva Edison became famous worldwide and became recognized as the greatest inventor.

List of great inventions of Thomas Edison – Thomas Alva Edison Inventions List

  • Electric bulb
  • Gramophone
  • Electronic vote recorder
  • Phonogram
  • Batteries
  • Kinetoscope
  • Electric train

Death of the great inventor Thomas Elva Edison – Thomas Edison Death

Thomas Elva Edison, the great inventor who invented the electric bulb, was also inventing the last days of his life.
He was not only a great scientist, but also a well-known businessman. Thomas Elva Edison had patented about 1093 inventions.
On October 18, 1931, the great inventor Thomas Elva Edison breathed his last and departed from this world forever.
People still remember Thomas Elva Edison for his great inventions.

Interesting and interesting things about Thomas Elva Edison – Facts About Thomas Edison

The great inventor Thomas Elva Edison built his first laboratory at just 10 years old.
Thomas Elva Edison had to work hard for his most important innovation bulb. To make this experiment successful, he had to face failure more than 10 thousand times. At the same time, Edison said that “I have never failed, but I have found thousands of ways that could not work for me”.
Thomas Elva Edison was a hard worker. Many times they used to experiment continuously for 4-4 days without sleeping. So many times they forgot to eat food while using it.
Edison, who illuminated the world with his inventions, was a good scientist as well as a successful businessman. From 1879 to 1900 he had completed almost all his discoveries.
Edison also made several improvements to Alexander’s search telephone. Along with this, in the year 1890, he also made the first film camera, which at that time could click about 25 pictures in 1 second.
Thomas Elva Edison will always be remembered in the world for his great discoveries. Everyone needs to take inspiration from their life. He said that- (Thomas Edison Quotes)

“Genius makes one percent inspiration and 99 percent hard work”

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