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Vijay Mallya Biography

There was a time when Vijay Mallya’s name was included in the list of great industrialists of India, but now it is not so, in fact, he took a loan of several thousand crores from state-owned banks in the name of his airlines, but has not repaid it yet. , Due to which they are looking for government banks and police of India, so now their credibility in India was not the same as before.

Let us tell you that Vijay Mallya is the son of India’s famous industrialist Vittal Mallya and he was the chairman of United Breweris Group and Kingfisher Airlines. Apart from this, he has also been the former chairman of the famous liquor company United Spirit Limited. So let’s know about India’s industrialist Vijay Mallya

Life introduction of Indian industrialist Vijay Mallya – Vijay Mallya Biography



Biography of Vijay Mallya at a Glance – Vijay Mallya Information

Full Name Vijay Vitthal Mallya
Birthday Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Father Name Vitthal Mallya
Mother Name Lalitha Ramaiah
  • Sameera Tyabji Mallya, former Air Hostess (1986 to 1987)
  • Rekha Mallya (1993 to present)
Children Siddharth Mallya, Laila Mallya, Tanya Mallya, Leetra Mallya
Educational Qualification Bachelor of commerce (hons)

Birth, education and early life of Vijay Mallya – Vijay Mallya History

Vijay Mallya was born in Kolkata city of West Bengal on December 18, 1955, to the great industrialist of India, Vittal Mallya. Her father was the chairman of the United Brewery Group at the time, and her mother’s name was Lalitha Ramaiya.
Vijay Mallya’s early education was from La Martiniere School in Kolkata, after which he completed his graduation from Commerce Honors from St. Xavier’s College. During his college, Vijay Mallya worked as an intern in his family companies. But later he moved to USA.

Marriage and personal life of Vijay Mallya – Vijay Mallya Story

Vijay Mallya met Air Hostess Sameera Tyabji of Air India in 1986, after which he married her and after their marriage they both had a son, named Siddharth Mallya.
However, this marriage could not last long and both of them got divorced. After this, Vijay Mallya married his childhood friend Rekha in the year 1993. Mallya has two daughters Tanaya Mallya and Lena Mallya by second marriage.

Vijay Mallya Business – Vijay Mallya Business Net Worth:

Raised in a business family, Vijay Mallya had a good understanding of business from the beginning. After the father’s death in 1983, he was made the chairman of his family business, United Brabarees Group, since then, his group has been making a global mark and the group today has about 60 companies with annual turnover up by 64%. The amount was US $ 11 billion in 1998–1999.
Under his second group, UB Group, Mallya had acquired several other companies as well and started focusing more and more of his most successful business on the liquor business. And after years, his identity and success was beginning to kiss his footsteps.
In 1988, Mallya also acquired Berger Paints, Best and Crompton. He then acquired Mangalore Chemical and Fertilizer in 1990, and later in 2001 he also acquired Asian newspaper and film publisher magazine Cine Bits.
Let us tell you that United Kingfisher has taken over 50% share of the Indian beer market. Kingfisher brand beer is available not only in India but in 52 countries.
In 2005, Vijay Mallya also founded Kingfisher Airlines. It was one of Vijay Mallya’s biggest companies, although it later failed. Due to which it had to be closed.
In 2013, it came to light that Kingfisher could not pay nearly two years salary to its employees and after that the license of Kingfisher Airline was canceled.
When Mallya went into the desert:
Mallya’s Kingfisher Airlines was the second largest company in the country, but in 2013, the company incurred a huge loss of 2 thousand 142 crores. Not only this, in the name of this company, Mallya had taken a loan of Rs 15 to 16 thousand crore from banks and other institutions.
Due to which the license of this company was later canceled and Mallya went to Gardish. They are hiding abroad to avoid arrest, although several Indian government agencies are following them to catch them. He owes many government institutions dues.
The Indian government has already declared Mallya a fugitive from the country. With this, a case is going on in a London court to bring Vijay Mallya back in the country. The case is being fought against Mallya by the CBI and ED.

A look at political life – Vijay Mallya Political Career

  • In 2000, Vijay Mallya was elected a member of the All India Janata Dal.
  • In the year 2002, Vijay Mallya was elected to the Rajya Sabha as an independent member of Karnataka.
  • In 2003, Vijay Mallya joined the Janata Party.
  • From 2003 to 2010, Vijay Mallya worked as the national acting president of the Janata Dal.
  • In 2010, Vijay Mallya was nominated to the Rajya Sabha as a BJP member.

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Vijay Mallya and controversy – Vijay Mallya Controversy

In the year 2015, Mallya came into controversy when CBI filed a case in the case of loan arrears on the basis of IDBI Bank. Along with this, Mallya was also charged with fraud and criminal conspiracy.
In 2016, it was recommended to cancel Mallya’s passport. Asked to shift to the Debt Recovery Tribunal regarding this matter as well. However, Vijay Mallya moved to London to avoid arrest.
Mallya, the owner of the Kingfisher airline, was surrounded by controversies even after GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited filed a case against Mallya and Kingfisher Airlines CFO Raghunathan for not paying fees for using the airport facility.
In the year 2016, Vijay Mallya was also surrounded by a lot of controversies regarding the Czech bowsing case. During this time, the Airport Authority of India had accused the Kingfisher Airlines of not accepting 100 crore check issued by it.
Mallya also came into the limelight when the Income Tax Department had demanded a dues amounting to Rs 325 crore from Kingfisher Airlines in 2013, 2012, for three financial years. Along with this, the department had also alleged that during these three years, the employees were not deposited after deducting TDS.

Vijay Mallya Awards – Vijay Mallya Awards:

Mallya has received many awards not only in India but also abroad.

  • In 1997, he was awarded a doctorate by the University of Southern California for the Business Administration of Philosophy.
  • France’s most famous award was given to “Officer de la Legion D’honneur” (Officer de la de Honeuré).
  • The World Economic Forum called him the “Global Leader of Tomorrow” (“Global Leader of Tomorrow”).
  • In 2010, Mallya was also awarded the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ by the Motorsports Club for his contribution to ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ and Motorsports.

Vijay Mallya, once considered to be the great industrialist of India, is today in debt of thousands of crores and he has many cases of fraud and corruption. Not only this, all the agencies of the country are following him for the arrest of Mallya, who has been declared a fugitive from the country.
The way Mallya used to take loans from banks and pretend to be a liar to live a life of his ash and comfort, and today got drowned in crores of debt, this only shows that greed is a bad thing and people have to take care of their status. Should work accordingly.
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