74-year-old Colorado woman dies after Bahamas boat transporting tourists began sinking

A 74-year-old woman from Colorado died in the Bahamas this week after a boat transporting tourists started sinking, local police say. 

The Royal Bahamas Police Force was notified of a distressed double-deck catamaran taking on water Tuesday just before 11 a.m. ET. The boat was transporting tourists from Paradise Island to Blue Lagoon Island, a private island and popular tourist destination, police said in a release. 

Police marine support units and the Royal Bahamas Defense Force responded and helped rescue the passengers and crew members “from the visibly sinking vessel,” the release said. 

A woman who was “unresponsive” was retrieved from the water and CPR was performed. She was taken to the Paradise Island Dock where EMT found “no signs of life.” 

The woman was not identified, but was described as from Broomfield, Colorado. 

Two additional passengers were transported to a local medical facility in New Providence for further care. 

One video on Tik Tok showed a two-deck ferry with “Blue Lagoon Island” painted on it sinking sideways. Another, aboard the sinking vessel, showed dozens of passengers in apparent alarm. In the water, some passengers in vests are seen swimming towards a nearby small boat.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing. 

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