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Arohi Rao is an Indian news anchor. In 2022, she came into the limelight after she appeared as a contestant in Star Maa’s reality show, Big Boss Season 6.


Arohi Rao Perala was born on 9 September 1996 (age 26 years; as of 2022) in Kanaparthy village, Telangana. Her zodiac sign is Virgo. Soon after completing her schooling, Arohi joined Vagdevi Degree & P.G College Kishanpura Hanamkonda to pursue her graduation. Later, she pursued an MBA in Human Resource Management; however, she dropped out of the course due to financial hardships.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 7″
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black



In 2001, Arohi’s mother passed away. Later, her father remarried and left Arohi to her grandmother. A few years after Arohi’s mother’s death, her father passed away. According to Arohi, she never met her father; however, she attended his funeral. Arohi Rao has an elder brother. In an interview, she talked about this and said,
I grew up alone with my grandmother. I had an elder brother but he stayed in the hostel so I didn’t have anyone to tell me good or bad.”


In an interview, Arohi Rao revealed that she feared relationships. Arohi further added that during her childhood, she was sexually assaulted by one of her relatives, and due to such an experience, she was afraid of approaching men. She quoted,
At school I didn’t even have anyone to tell me it was wrong. Just put up with it. My rape attempt happened when I was a child. There used to be a relative of ours in the village.. He would be Babai but I was called Anna.. He was holding me and pushing me here and there.. I thought he was hitting me.. Anna was shouting why are you hitting me.. When I screamed and ran away, he let me go. I was very scared.”


Telegu News Anchor

Arohi Rao, during her graduation, got trained in news reading and anchoring. She secured her first job at I5, a local news channel. Later, Arohi worked as a news anchor on various news channels like Bheems Media, Political bench, and Studio News. Later, she auditioned for a popular news channel named TV9 and got selected for her Telegu accent. She is known for anchoring TV9’s show Ismart News.
Arohi Rao anchoring TV9’s show Ismart News

Telegu television shows

In 2022, Arohi made her television debut by appearing as a participant in Star Maa’s Telegu reality show Big Boss Season 6.
Arohi Rao in Big Boss Telegu season 6 (2022)


  • Initially, Arohi Rao used to work in agricultural fields where she was paid Rs 100 for a day. Arohi also worked as a dubbing artist for short films, where she was paid Rs 200 for a day.
    An image of Arohi Rao working on the agricultural land
  • In an interview with a media house, Arohi Rao said that during her graduation in Warangal, she was stalked by someone. Later, she kicked a bike at the stalker, following which he lodged a police complaint against Arohi.
  • Arohi Rao follows a non-vegetarian diet.
    A snip of Arohi Rao’s Instagram story in which she talks about eating Thalkaya Kura (a non-veg dish)
  • While talking about her childhood in a media interview, she revealed that she was sexually harassed by an acquaintance. Despite being sexually assaulted, Arohi was unaware of it and she believed that he was trying to hit her. She quoted,
    I endured a lot of pain for two years. It happened during school days.. I thought he was beating me. If he held my body tightly, I thought he was hitting me. Even when I had a rape attempt, I overcame it. Because I did not do wrong. I thought there was no need to worry. To put it bluntly.. many are committing suicide and dying because obscene videos of them have come out.. that should not be done. The videos will come out.. but don’t think you’re going to die. You didn’t do anything wrong.. Why do you want to be sacrificed for what someone did? If you want to die because the world saw something in you, you don’t need such a world.. Tisei. Take out the world and live for your life.”
  • According to Arohi, after hitting her adolescence, she realised that someone attempted to rape him. In an interview, she talked about this and said that she became a rebel after the day she acknowledged the incident. She quoted,
    After I reached one age, I came to know that he attempted to rape me. Since then I have become a rebel. Since then there has been nothing like it. Raised way. Situations are faced depending on the state of mind. As far as I am concerned, I have revealed the world. This is what will remain in my heart.. Oh, even if I say this a hundred times.. Whenever you expose the society, then you will live your life peacefully. otherwise it will be difficult to live.”
  • Arohi Roy is also known by the name “Ismart Anjali.”
  • Arohi likes reading novels, gardening, drawing, and painting in her leisure time.
    A painting made by Arohi Rao
  • Arohi has a tattoo inked on her left hand
    Arohi’s tattoo

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