Biography Of Saint Kabir Das, a great poet Death

Biography Of Saint Kabir Das


Biography of Saint Kabir Das, a great poet Kabir Das was not only a great poet of literature but also a great thinker and social reformer, he wrote many compositions through his imaginations and positive thoughts and explained the importance of Indian culture. The prominent poet of Bhaktikal, Kabirdas Ji, through his creations, explained to people the right way to live life.
Apart from this, he also tried to remove the evil of caste discrimination, high and low, prevalent in his society. Along with this, he contributed significantly in enriching Hindi literature. Kabirdas ji had knowledge of many languages, his compositions and couplets are seen in Braj, Haryanvi, Punjabi, Hindi, Awadhi, Rajasthani, Khadi dialect.
Let us tell you that Kabir Das was influenced by Nirguna Bhakti Dhara of Bhaktikal, his influence is seen in the three religions Sikh, Hindu and Islam. On the other hand, following the teachings of Kabirdas Ji, any person can change his life. So let’s know about Kabirdas ji’s great life-

Biography of Sant Kabir Das, a great poet of  literature – Sant Kabir Das Biography

Sant kabir das

Information about Sant Kabir Das at a glance – Kabir Das Information

Name Saint Kabir Das (Kabir das)
Birthday 1398, Lahartara Taal, Kashi
Father’s Name Neeru
Mother Name Neema
Wife Name Dough
Children Kamal (son), Kamali (daughter)
Main compositions (Kabir das Poems) Sakhi, sabad, ramani
Education Illiterate
Death 1518, Maghar, Uttar Pradesh

History of Kabir Das | Kabir Das History

Kabir Das – Kabir Das was a great poet and social reformer of India. He was a scholar of Hindi literature. The name of Kabir Das means greatness, meaning that he was one of the greatest poets of India.
Whenever there is a discussion of religion, language and culture in India, Kabir Das – Kabir Das Ji’s name is mentioned first because Kabir Das has shown Indian culture through his couplets, along with it, he has given a great deal of life. There are many such teachings that can be adopted by becoming spectators, with this Kabir Das has tried to remove the malpractices in the society with his couplets and eradicate discrimination.
At the same time, people of the Kabir Panthi religious community consider the principles and teachings of Kabir as the basis of their life.
Biography Of Saint Kabir Das
Jin Khoja Tin Paiya, Deep water penetration, I fear Bapura Bodan, sit on the edge.
By this couplet, Kabir Das ji means that those who try, they get something in the same way as a hard-working diver goes into deep water and brings something. But there are some people who are sitting on the edge of fear of drowning and do not get anything.
Really Kabir Das – Kabir das Yes, reading these sermons creates a positive emotion in everyone’s mind and leads them to success. With this, Kabir Das – Kabir Das also said that after reading big books, many people in the world reached the door of death, but not all scholars could.
Biography Of Saint Kabir Das
Kabir believed that if only two and a half letters of love were read well, that is, he would know the true form of love.
pothi Padhi Padhi jag mua, pandit bhay na koya, dhai aakhar prem ka, padhe so pandit hoya.
Kabir ke Updesh – The teachings of Kabir Das Ji are really inspiring, along with this, Kabir Das also inspired his teachings to walk the right path to all mankind, along with this he strongly opposed the evils spread in the society through his teachings and ideals. Emphasized the establishment of society, along with this, the teachings of Kabir Das ji communicate a new energy in everyone’s mind.
Kabir Das, the great poet and social reformer of Hindi literature – about Kabir Das Ji –

Biography of Kabir Das Ji – Kabir Das ka Jeevan Parichay

Nothing about the birth of the glorious personality of Hindi literature Kabir Das Ji is verified. There is no opinion about Kabir Das ji’s parents, yet he is believed to have been born in 1398 in Kashi. Some believe that he was born from the womb of a widowed Brahmini, who was mistakenly blessed by Swami Ramanand ji to be a daughter.
After which the Brahmini had thrown that newborn child near Lahartara Taal in Kashi, after which the upbringing was done by “Neema” and “Neeru”. Later this child became the great saint Kabir and consecrated the birthplace of India. That is, Kabir has presented himself as a weaver –
“Caste julaha name Kabira Bani Bani Fero Sadness.”
On the other hand, if Kabir believed to be of stones, then Kabir Das was born on a lotus flower in Lahartara pond in Kashi. This verse is also very famous among the Kabirpanthis about their birth –
Fourteen hundred and fifty five years gone, Chandravar was a chic. Jeth Sudi Barsayat was given the full date The thunderous thunder damini damsh raindroop raindrops. Kabir Bhanu is revealed as a lotus blooms in Lahar Talab.

Kabir Das’s education – Kabir das Education

It is said that Kabir Das was illiterate, that is, he was not educated, but he was completely different from other children, let us tell you that due to poverty, his parents could not send him to the madrasa. That is why Kabirdas ji could not take book education.
The matter is not touched, the pen is not touched.
Let me tell you that Kabirdas ji did not write the texts himself, he used to speak the sermons to the couplets after which his disciples wrote it.
Influence of Swami Ramanand on Kabir Das:
There is no confirmation about the religion of Kabir Das, it is said that Kabir was a Muslim by birth. At the same time, when he came under the influence of Swami Ramanand, he had knowledge of Hindu religion. After this he made Ramananda his guru.
In fact, once Kabirdas fell on the stairs of the Panchganga Ghat, at the same time, Swami Ramanand ji was descending the stairs to take a bath in the Ganges, when he went to the body of Kabir Das Ji after which the word ‘Ram-Ram’ came out of Kabirdas’s mouth. . What was it then that Kabir Das accepted Ram as his deeksha mantra and accepted Ramanand ji as his guru. After this, Kabir Das said that –
‘We have appeared in Kasi, Ramanand warns’.
Kabirdas ji did not believe in any religion, rather he assimilated the good ideas of all religions. This is the reason why Kabirdas ji shattered Hindu-Muslim discrimination and satsang with Hindu devotees and Muslim fakirs and took good views from both religions.
Biography Of Saint Kabir Das

Kabir Das’s marriage and children – Kabir Das Life History

Kabirdas ji was married to the girl “Loi” of Vankhedi Bairagi. After marriage, both of them got the happiness of children, Kabirdas ji’s son’s name was Kamaal while the daughter’s name was Kamali. At the same time, Kabirdas ji had to work a lot on his loom to raise these people.
Due to which the saints and saints used to come and go. At the same time, it is inferred from one verse of his book Sahib, that his son Kamal was opposed to Kabir Das’s opinion.
Bada Bans Kabir’s, stems put Kamal. Hari’s simran left, brought home the goods.
Whereas Kabir’s daughter Kamali has not been described by Kabir anywhere. The constant movement of saints and monks in Kabirji’s house made it difficult even for their children to get food. Because of this Kabir’s wife used to get angry too, after which Kabir explains to his wife like this –
Suni Anghali Loi Bumpir. These twisted bhaji saran kabir.
Let me tell you that Kabir is considered to be child-celibate and Virani in Kabir Panth. According to this sect, Kamatya was his disciple and Kamali and Loi were his disciples. Kabir has also used the word Loi as a blanket in one place. At one place, Kabir called Kabir and said that –
“Kahat Kabir Sunhu Re Loi.” Hari bin Rakhan is not defeated. “
At the same time, it is also believed that Loi will be Kabir’s first wife, after this, Kabir has made her a disciple. Kabir has said in his couplet that –
“Woman, even we curry, not found the idea. When you know, Parihari, Nari Maha Vicar. “

Features of Baba Das Ji – About Kabir Das in Hindi

  • Nearly Das ji had knowledge of many languages, he used to visit many places with sages and saints, so he had knowledge of many languages. Along with this, Kabirdas used vernacular words to express his thoughts and experiences. The language of Kabir Das ji is also called ‘Sadhukkari’.
  • Kabir used to explain and teach people in their local language. Along with this, they used to give examples from place to place, trying to make their words reach the difference of people. Kabir’s speech is written in three forms Sakhi, Sabad and Ramani. Which is famous as ‘Bijak’. A collection of his compositions is also found in the Kabir Granthwali.
  • Kabir has described the place of Guru more than God. At one place, Kabirdas has explained to the Guru by giving the example of a potter – who, like an earthen vessel, thrashes his disciple and turns it into a strong vessel.
  • Kabir Das was always a fearless and fearless person who spoke the truth. He did not hesitate to tell the harsh truth either.

It was also a specialty of Kabir Das that he considered the condemned people to be his benefactors. Kabirdas liked the company of gentlemen and saints. Kabir Das Ji said that –
Blasphemous nephew Without water soap, refresh, refresh.
He wanted to change the society with his teachings and also inspire all human life to follow the right path.
Kabirdas was a staunch opponent of rituals:
Kabirdas ji was a staunch opponent of false pretenses, rituals and hypocrisy and did not like the rituals of clerics and pandits, and Kabir Das did not believe in avatar, idol, Roza, Eid, mosque, temple. Sant kabir das – Kabir Das did not like to offer prayers in mosques, chanting garlands in temples, tilak, idolatry, fasting fast or fasting.
Kabir Das liked to live in simplicity and always liked to eat simple food, he did not like any kind of texture. He wanted to make the society around him free from adultery.

Text of Kabir Das – Kabir Granthavali

According to different articles, the number of texts found in the name of Kabirdas are different. Wilson believes that there are 8 texts in Kabir’s name. While Vishp G.H. Westcott has released a list of 84 books of Kabir, while Ramdas Goud counts 71 books in ‘Hindutva’.

Famous compositions of Kabirdas ji – Kabir Das Ki Rachnaye or Kabir Das Poems in Hindi

The great poet Kabirdas ji has expressed his opinion on many important issues related to religion, Indian culture and life in a very clear way in his works. His compositions are written in very easy language, in which the sense of spontaneity is clearly visible. Some of the major compositions done by him are as follows:

  • Sabd
  • Friend
  • Ramani

Apart from this, other major compositions composed by him include parts of Bhakti, Kabir’s Vani, Ram Sar, Ugra Geeta, Alif Nafa, Kathani, Gyan Gudri, Gyan Sagar, Karam, Chanank, Rama Sar, Rekhata, Kabiraj Ashtak, Faiz of Balakh, Rekhata etc. are prominent.

The literary gift of Kabir Das Ji – Kabir Books

Kabir’s collection of Vani is known as Bijak – Bijak. It also has three parts – Ramani, Sabad and Sarvi. It is a slang of many languages ​​including Punjabi, Rajasthani, Khadi Boli, Awadhi, Purbi, Brajbhasha. Kabirdas ji believed that his parents, friends and friends are close to the human being, so they see God with the same vision. He used to say –
‘Harimor Piu, I am Ram’s daughter-in-law’, sometimes say, ‘Hari janani main balak tora’

Death of Kabir Das ji – Sant Kabir Death

Kabir Das lived his entire life in Kashi, but he had gone to Maghar at the time of his death. It is believed that at that time people believed that dying in Maghar gives hell and by sacrificing life in Kashi one gets heaven. At the same time, when Kabir had anticipated his last time, he went to Maghar to break this perception of the people.
It is also said that Kabir’s enemies forced him to visit Maghar. He wanted that Kabir could not be liberated, but Kabir wanted to get rid of Rama’s devotion, not from Kashi Maran.
“Barley Kashi Tan Tjai Kabira and Rama Kaun Nihota.”
Kabirdas ji was a great poet and social reformer. With his literature, he inspired people to follow the right path and at the same time he has attacked fiercely in the society. Kabirdas ji believed in living a simple life, he was an admirer of non-violence, truth and virtue. It is a matter of pride for poets like Kabirdas to be born in India.

Contribution of Kabir Das ji – Kabir Works

Kabir Das ji has done away with the maladies spread in the society by his writings and at the same time protested against social discrimination and economic exploitation. The great scholar Kabirdas Ji did not get any education in his life, but on the strength of his life experiences, imaginations and spiritual imaginations, he gave the whole world the knowledge that anyone can implement and succeed in his life. Can achieve.
He taught people the definition of love with their thoughts and created positive feelings in their mind. He was a glorified personality of Hindi literature, who not only enriched Hindi literature through his compositions, but also made tireless efforts to remove all the maladies spread in the society.
Kabirdas ji emphasized on the establishment of an ideal society. India was blessed with the birth of great poets like Kabirdas ji. His incomparable contribution to Hindi literature can never be forgotten.
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