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Casey Lavere Butler is a well-known web personality and video blogger from the United States. His web properties are worth an estimated $103 billion. Casey is the younger brother of online phenomenon Shay Carl, and is the second of the four Butler siblings. Carli and Logan Butler are his two younger siblings. While all of the Butler siblings are well-known in the YouTube video blogger world, his older brother Shay Carl is the most popular, with over 5 million subscribers. Casey and his wife Kayli, on the other hand, have more than 50,000 subscribers on their own YouTube channels, CaseyLavere and HeyKayli.
Casey is the owner of two hugely popular YouTube video channels. His first channel, which features Casey Lavere’s daily vlogs, has gotten 163,479,725 views to date. Hushin, Casey’s second channel, debuted in 2011 and features videos of Casey and his pals hunting, fishing, and going on outdoor adventure adventures. On this channel, Casey also posts videos on how to cook game meat. There are currently 166,763 active subscribers on the channel, with 28,543,521 views.

The Ascension to Stardom

Casey was a lowly steel mill worker before becoming a mainstream YouTube personality, but his love for hunting, fishing, and outdoor pastimes never waned. However, monetizing his interest for rough outdoor adventures did not occur to him until 2009, when he started his first YouTube channel, “caseylavere.” Shay Carl Butler, Casey’s brother, introduced him to YouTube and encouraged him to upload videos of his family on the site.

Casey’s family movies of “the daily living in a Midwest family,” which debuted in 2009, immediately struck a chord with many Americans. His channel grew in popularity in a matter of years, and it now has 661k subscribers and over 163 million views.

Hushin was founded by Casey and his two friends, Eric Chesser and Brian McElrea, who share Casey’s passion for hunting, fishing, and cooking game meat. While ‘caseylavere’ was a self-started channel, Hushin was founded by Casey and his two friends, Eric Chesser and Brian McElrea, who share Casey’s passion for hunting, fishing, and cooking game meat. The trio’s pursuit for antelope and elk in New Mexico became an instant hit with their subscribers. Hushin has 166,663 subscribers and 28,514,392 views at the moment. Casey also releases a lot of How-to Videos on hunting and cooking game in addition to outdoor videos (meat).

Hushin is the channel to subscribe to if you’re a beginner hoping to learn the ropes of hunting, a pro searching for advanced information and abilities, or simply someone who enjoys game meat.

Hushin was founded in 2011 and published its first full-length film, #HUSHLIFE, in 2016. For those who enjoy nature, adventure, and hunting, the 90-minute video is a visual feast. The film takes the audience on a scenic journey of camping in the Midwest. This film will leave all adventure fans begging for more, from establishing up camp in some of the most undiscovered terrains. Casey is a successful entrepreneur in addition to being a well-known and active video blogger. Casey LaVere, HUSH, and Trixin Clothing Co. are among the well-known firms he started and co-owns.

Scandals & Controversies

Although Casey and Kayli have a reputation for being loving parents who value family bonds, the couple has faced backlash for pushing their children to pick up guns and learn to shoot high-caliber rifles at a young age. The Butlers were accused of exposing their children to potentially lethal and harmful activity such as shooting rifles and weapons. Casey’s wife, Kayli, defended him by saying that he and his family have always been responsible and appreciative of firearms.

As Kayli points out, a lot of what is going on in the world shouldn’t be happening in the first place. Casey and Kayli have always stated that they have never introduced their children to violent video games in which killing another human being is considered a badge of honor.

Hunting and fishing are a family legacy that Casey inherited as a child and plans to pass down to his offspring. These shooting sessions, according to Casey, are more of a productive, entertaining, and family bonding exercise. This Butler family also keeps about 12 firearms inside the house, which are kept unloaded and locked within a glass case where they are safe and out of reach of the children.

The Butler kids are well aware that it is not a toy. It’s no surprise that Brailee, who has possessed a shooting gun since she was four years old, agrees with her parents. Brailee stated she and her siblings would never use their guns without their parents’ permission or supervision.

Behind the Scenes

Casey Lavere Butler is the second of Carl and Laurie Butler’s four children, born on July 27, 1981, in Logan, Utah. Shay Carl (Shaytards), Carli, and Logan are his other siblings. Casey married his long-time sweetheart, Kayli, in 2009, and the two have lived in Utah since then. Brailee (12 years old), Gage (9 years old), Winston (3 years old), and Layla (2 years old) are their four children (1 yr)

Casey grew up in the Phoenix, Arizona area. He moved to Pocatello, Idaho, shortly after graduating.

Casey Butler spent his childhood in Logan, Utah, and Phoenix, Arizona, while Carl Butler was pursuing an electrical engineering degree. Following that, the family relocated to Pocatello, Idaho. Casey developed an interest in hunting and fishing, which is something that every American from the Midwest does.

After a three-year romance, he married his long-time fiancée, Kayli Butler, on August 16, 2003, and moved to Los Angeles in 2005. Casey and Kayli, on the other hand, decided to return to Idaho, where Casey and his older brother Shay’s families currently reside, after spending a few years in LA. Being among the forests, mountains, and rivers made them feel more “at home.”

Though his exact revenues from YouTube are unknown, he used the money to purchase a 300-acre property in Idaho. His entrepreneurial endeavors have a significant impact on his net worth. Casey has also been linked to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

Estimated Net Worth

Casey Lavere Butler’s net worth is estimated to be $1-5 million at the age of 38, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online sources. As a professional YouTube Star, he was able to make money. He is a Utah native.

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