Dawood Ibrahim Biography, Wife, Son, daughter

Dawood ibrahim Biography

Dawood Ibrahim’s life introduction under the world don and India’s most wanted don – Dawood Ibrahim Biography

Full Name Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar
Birthday 26 December 1955, Khed Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India
Father Name Ibrahim Kaskar (Head Constable in Mumbai Police)
Mother Name Ameena B (Housewife)
  • Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar,
  • Nora Ibrahim,
  • Anees Ibrahim,
  • Sabir Ahmed,
  • Mohammad Humayun,
  • Mustakam Ali,
  • Olive Antule,
  • Iqbal Hasan,
  • Syeda Parkar,
  • Farzana Tungekar,
  • Mumtaz Shaikh,
  • Hasina Parkar
Wife Mehjbeen Sheikh (aka Jubina Zarin)
  • Moeen Ibrahim,
  • Mehreen Ibrahim,
  • Maria Ibrahim,
  • Mahrukh Ibrahim
School Ahmed Sailor High School, Dongri, Mumbai, India

Dawood Ibrahim’s birth, family, education and early life – Dawood Ibrahim Story

Under world don Dawood Ibrahim was born on 27 December 1955 in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra. His father Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar was a head constable in the Mumbai Police. His mother’s name is Amina B. Dawood Ibrahim’s mind started getting involved in criminal activities right from the start of earning money.
Because of which he left his schooling in the middle. Dawood had become a victim of bad habits like intoxicating liquor since his teenage years. Not only this, to fulfill his hobby, he started committing crimes like theft, drugs spalling, robbery, looting etc. from a young age.

Dawood’s girlfriends, marriage and children – Dawood Ibrahim history

Dawood’s name is also associated with Indian actress Mandakini. The news of these two getting married came in the media. For the time being, Dawood’s family, troubled by his criminal activities, got him married to Mahajiban aka Jubina Zarine.
After marriage she had three daughters named Mehreen, Majia and Mahrukh, while a son named Moin Nawaz. Her youngest daughter Maria has died.
He got his elder daughter Mahrukh married to Junaid, son of former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad, and got Mahrin married to Pakistani-American Ayub, while son Moin got married to a girl named Sania.

Dawood Ibrahim became such a don – Dawood Ibrahim Don

Most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim was interested in criminal activities from the beginning due to wrong hobbies and bad habits.
He first carried out the first criminal activity by looting a businessman, although he also had to go to jail for his misdeeds, but after his release from jail, Dawood did not improve, instead he was underworld don Karim Lala of Mumbai Ki joined the gang and started criminal activities, but after that he formed a separate crime gang with his brother.
Dawood Ibrahim did not get any such special recognition as a don before the 1980s, but after that his name quickly emerged in the Mumbai criminal world. In the 80s, Dawood’s name became the biggest name in the world of crime, which worked from film financing to bookies.
At the same time, Dawood’s criminal activities had increased so much that he started collecting extortion by intimidating people. Due to which he went into the eyes of the Mumbai Police as a criminal and he had to go to jail many times for his crimes but each time he would get out of jail and carry out a new crime.
Even in Mumbai, people were starting to fear him and he used to intimidate people and make crores of rupees. However, after this he continued to fall under the grip of the police for his criminal activities, in 1990 he dodged the police and fled to Dubai.
During this time he met another don Chhota Rajan, both of them started working outside India and started criminal activities.
He continued to commit many criminal incidents in India through several terrorist organizations and his gang sitting in foreign countries. On March 12, 1993, horrific bombings took place at different places in Mumbai, killing about 257 people and injuring 700 people.
In the investigation, Dawood’s name emerged as the mastermind of the Mumbai blasts. After which he became the eldest of the underworld and the most wanted don of India. However, the friendship of Chhota Rajan and Dawood broke out in this bombing and the friendship of the two turned into enmity, the two separated.
Dawood left for Pakistan but continued his crime against India by staying there in Karachi. After this, in 2005, the intelligence agencies of India made a plan to kill his daughter Mahrukh at the wedding reception but he escaped due to the leak of the plan.
From time to time, the demand to bring Daid on India continued to rise and the Government of India kept pressing on Pakistan but Dawood kept changing his whereabouts and he was not caught yet, he is still India’s most wanted criminal.
Converting crimes by changing their name and identity:
According to several reports and books, Dawood has been committing crime cases by changing his name and identity 13 times. It is also famous about him. He has also undergone surgery on his face to avoid police clutches.
Apart from this, there are also reports about Dawood, an under-world don, that he is living in Pakistan in the name of Sheikh Dawood Hasan. After that David also addresses by the name of brother, Amir sahib, Haji sahab etc.
Apart from this, Dawood is also claimed to have many different locations. Dawood is also claimed to have 4 passports.

Dawood Ibrahim Movie

In Bollywood, the company, D, Shootout at Lokhandwala, Black Friday, and D-Day, Once Upon a Time in Mumbai, has also been made on the life of Dawood Ibrahim, the world’s biggest name in crime.

Controversy related to under world don Dawood Ibrahim – Dawood Ibrahim Controversy

Dawood Ibrahim is believed to be the mastermind of the horrific 1993 Mumbai bombings. About 300 people were killed in this bomb blast, while more than 700 people were badly injured. Under World Don Dawood Ibrahim controls most of India’s hawala systems.
Some intelligence agencies have also claimed under-world don Dawood that he is operating a large-scale drug and narcotics operation in the UK, Syndicate Western Europe. Dawood was also claimed to be associated with Osama bin Laden, leader of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization.
Apart from this, Dawood’s relations are also said to be from other big terrorist organization “Lashkar-e-Taiba” and it is said that Dawood also helps the organizations financially including the food and drink system of these organizations.
In 2003, Dawood Ibrahim was declared a Glower Terrorist (‘Global Terrorist’) by the Government of India and the United States of America.
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