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kasturba Gandhi Biography

By the way, everyone knows Kasturba Gandhiji as the wife of Gandhiji. Indeed, Gandhi was a figure whose achievements overshadowed all of Kasturba Gandhi’s efforts, but Kasturba Gandhi was an influential woman of a loyal and devoted personality to the country, known for her boldness.

Kasturba Gandhi not only supported her husband Gandhi ji in all non-violent efforts like a model wife, but she also fought like a heroine for the independence of the country and during this time she also had to face severe jail sentence.

Kasturba Gandhi proved to be the role model of women during the independence movement. Let’s know about Kasturba Gandhi’s inspirational life-

Biography of Kasturba Gandhi who played an important role in the independence of the country – Kasturba Gandhi

Biography of Kasturba Gandhi at a glance – Kasturba Gandhi Information

Full Name Kasturba Gandhi ‘Ba’
Birth 11 April 1869, Kathiawar, Porbandar,
Death 22 February 1944, Aga Khan Palace, Poona, India
Father Name Gokuldas Kapadia, Merchant
Husband Name Mahatma Gandhi
Movement Indian freedom struggle

Kasturba Gandhi’s Birth, Early Life and Marriage – Kasturba Gandhi Biography

Kasturba Gandhi was born on 11 April 1869 at Gokuldas Kapadia, a merchant’s house in Kathiawar, Porbandar. When she was just 13 years old, her father married her in 1882 under the prevalent child marriage practice to Mahatma Gandhi, the son of his best friend Karmchand Gandhi and the great freedom fighter.
Kasturba was married, but in the name of studies and writing, she was zero, ie illiterate, she did not even have the knowledge of letters properly. Actually it was not a practice to teach girls at that time.
Bapu did not listen to ‘Ba’ either:
Kasturba had to struggle a little bit about her illiteracy after marriage. Actually, Mahatma Gandhi was not happy with him because of his illiterate and also taunted him.
Not only this, Mahatma Gandhi did not like Kasturba even more decorated, decorated and getting out of the house.
Bapu had tried to curb her exit from the early days after marriage, but all these things of Gandhiji did not have much effect on Kasturba, instead she used to go wherever she thought necessary. . In this way, Bapu ji also failed to curb them.
But later, it was Gandhiji who taught Kasturba to read and write. After which he had a good knowledge of Hindi and Gujarati. However, after marriage, she was buried under the burden of domestic responsibilities and could not read much.

Life and children of Kasturba Gandhi – Kasturba Gandhi History

Kasturba Gandhi gave birth to her eldest son Harilal in the year 1888, after nearly 6 years of marriage. However, during this time Gandhiji went to London for his law studies, due to which Kasturba Gandhi alone raised her son.
After this, when Gandhiji returned to India, in 1892, he received a son named Manilal. Then after this Mahatma Gandhi had to go to South Africa for his practice of advocacy, but this time he took Kasturba Gandhi with him.
During this time, Kasturba Gandhi supported her husband at every step like an ideal wife. Then 5 years later, in 1897, Kasturba gave birth to his third son Ramdas and in 1900, Kasturba gave birth to his fourth child, Devdas.
Kasturba played well in South Africa’s struggle
In South Africa, Kasturba ji supported Gandhi ji well. Kasturba Gandhi was a disciplined and diligent woman with strong will power. She not only joined the movement against the condition of Indians in South Africa, but during this she forced the officers to bow before her by fasting and hunger strike.
In fact, when Kasturba Gandhi boldly questioned the status of Indian laborers in South Africa in 1913, she was jailed for three months behind a prison sentence with a rigorous sentence of three months.
During this stringent jail sentence, the authorities also tried to intimidate Kasturba Gandhi but in spite of her strong nature all the efforts of the authorities proved to be a failure.

Kasturba ji’s role in freedom movement – Kasturba Gandhi Contribution Freedom Struggle

Kasturba Gandhi ji had also dreamed of India’s independence and due to this she played a strong role in the movements launched by Mahatma Gandhi to achieve independence from the shackles of independence despite all the domestic responsibilities.
At the same time, whenever Gandhiji went to jail during the freedom movements, Kasturba Gandhi showed his great and leadership qualities and encouraged people to inculcate independence in them.
She also accompanied Gandhiji during the non-violent movement and explained the importance of cleanliness, education and discipline etc. to the people. Not only this, during the period when women were kept captive only in the four walls of the house, during that period Kasturba Gandhi used to encourage women to participate in the freedom movement.
Not only this, like the freedom fighters, ‘Ba’ has also faced jail time for their involvement in revolutionary activities many times during this period, but they never gave up and fought for the freedom of the country like the heroes.
Bapu Ji believed in his ideal:
Kasturba Gandhiji used to consider her husband Mahatma Gandhi as her ideal and she was so much influenced by him that later he too had made his life as simple as that of Gandhiji. Everyone knows that Gandhi ji used to do any work before himself, after that he used to ask someone else to do it.
At the same time, Kasturba Gandhi ji was very happy with this nature and learned from him. At the same time, there is also a very famous incident involving Kasturba Gandhi and Mahatma Gandhi. In fact, when Kasturba started getting sick, Gandhiji asked her to give up salt.
Kasturba argued about it being tasteless without eating salt at first, but when she saw Gandhi leaving her own salt, she was very impressed and gave up salt and started living her life like Gandhi. She considered him her inspiration.
Bapu was also a master of Ba’s functionality and diligence:
When Kasturba Gandhi was living with her husband Gandhi in South Africa, Gandhiji realized the hidden social, political potential within Kasturba Gandhi and only then she realized his patriotism.
At the same time, Kasturba Gandhi was adept at doing her homework and raising children like an ideal mother.
She used to share all the works of Gandhiji with the same principles and fought like a heroine in the freedom movement, as well as taking care of Gandhiji’s ashrams and serving the satyagrahis with full spirit. For this reason, people used to call him as ‘Ba’.
Gandhiji was highly impressed by Kastuba ji’s diligence and then introduced Kasturba Gandhi as the role model of women in the freedom struggle because she knew the importance of connecting women in the freedom struggle.
At the same time, Kasturba Gandhi ji also worked to instill in him the freedom struggle and told women about their importance. Kasturba Gandhi inspired many women and gave a new dimension to the freedom movement.

Death of Kasturba Gandhi – Kasturba Gandhi Death

Kasturba Gandhi became very ill in the last days of her life. During Gandhiji’s “Quit India Movement” in 1942, when Gandhiji was arrested. During that time, Kasturba Gandhi decided to give a speech herself at Shivaji Park in Mumbai.
Actually Gandhiji was the first to give a speech there. But Kasturba Gandhiji was arrested as soon as she reached the park, during which time she was ill and after that her health continued to deteriorate.
In the year 1944, he also suffered a heart attack twice and then in February 1944, Baa left forever by saying goodbye to this world.
In this way, Kasturba Gandhi played an important role in the freedom movement during that period and became an inspiration for many women, during which women were not allowed to leave the house.
Kasturba Gandhi ji had a different view of himself, he knew the value of freedom. She followed her husband Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi at every step.
At the same time, if a self-sacrificing personality like ‘Ba’ was not with Gandhiji, then perhaps all non-violent efforts of Gandhiji would not have been so effective. Kasturba Gandhi, while showing her leadership qualities, remained a pioneer in all non-violent efforts in the freedom struggle.
Kasturba Gandhi’s sacrifice, sacrifice and dedication will always be remembered.
Kasturba was the woman who supported her husband throughout his life. While women were not given much importance in the days of independence, Mahatma Gandhi never stopped Kasturba from doing social service at that time.
Even after getting married at a young age, Kasturba did not run away from her responsibilities, she continued to perform her duties till the end, and served her society.
Certainly, Kasturba is the inspiration of today’s women.
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