Live: Supreme Court delivers ruling on government plan to deport migrants to Rwanda

Watch live as the UK Supreme Court delivers its ruling on whether the government can go ahead with its controversial plan to deport migrants to Rwanda.

Justices at the UK’s highest court will on Wednesday (15 November) hand down their verdict on Rishi Sunak’s legislation to remove asylum seekers to Kigali if they arrive by unauthorised means.

Defeat for the government will further frustrate what Downing Street admits is a “crucial” part of his plans to halt Channel crossings and will inflame the row with the sacked home secretary.

In an excoriating letter to the prime minister on Tuesday, Suella Braverman warned he has no “credible Plan B” if the High Court ruling that the policy is unlawful is upheld.

She claimed that even if it gets the go-ahead then Mr Sunak’s “compromises” will mean the asylum policy could be “thwarted yet again” by the European Court of Human Rights.

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