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MC Stan is an Indian rapper, lyricist, music producer, and composer. He became popular after the release of his song ‘Khuja Mat’ in 2019. He participated in season 16 of Colors TV’s reality show Bigg Boss.


MC Stan was born as Altaf Shaikh (also known as Altaf Tadavi) on Monday, 30 August 1999 (age 23 years; as of 2022) in Pune, Maharashtra. His zodiac sign is Virgo. He grew up in the neighbourhood of Tadiwala Road in Pune. When he was 12 years old, he began performing Qawwali. His brother introduced him to rapping, when he was in 6th standard. While growing up, MC Stan listened to multiple American music artists, including 50 Cent, Eminem, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, and more. Before getting into rapping, he learned B-boying and beatboxing.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 8″
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Black


MC Stan has got many tattoos inked on his body.

  • On his chest: Compton
    A tattoo on MC Stan’s chest
  • On his right hand: Letters ‘S’ on the little finger, ‘T’ on the ring finger, ‘A’ on the middle finger, and ‘N’ on the index finger
    His name ‘STAN’ tattooed on MC Stan’s fingers
  • On his left hand: Tattoo on all four fingers, one alien tattoo near the thumb and one tattoo on the wrist
    Tattoos on MC Stan’s left hand


MC stan belongs to a Muslim Family in Pune, Maharashtra.

Parents & Siblings

His father is a policeman in the Maharashtra police department. He has an elder brother.


In November 2021, he started dating Auzma Shaikh, a rapper, but broke up in 2022.
MC Stan’s ex-girlfriend Auzma Shaikh
After they broke up, MC Stan shared her residential address on his social media, after which some of his fans showed up outside her house and some of them even threatened to rape her. To take revenge, she posted MC Stan’s residential address on her social media. Reportedly, after she posted his address, MC Stan sent his manager Vardhaman Mehta, with two other men, to attack her. In an interview, while talking about the incident, she said,
I too posted MC Stan’s and his manager Vardhaman Mehta’s home addresses on my Instagram account with a video. In revenge, he called Santacruz police station and filed a non-cognisable complaint against me for posting his address. On February 21, I went to the police station with two of my friends after we were called. Mehta was there with his friends. When we were returning home, Mehta and his friends Aakash and Sunny followed us on bikes. They stopped the auto, verbally abused us, kicked and thrashed us and also snatched my iPhone and smashed it.”
Azuma Shaikh showing blood dripping from her face
She was hurt on her nose and face. Somehow, she managed to reach the police station to file a complaint against MC Stan, but they refused to do so. Santacruz police registered the FIR against Mehta, Aakash, and Sunny on 3 March 2022; however, no one was arrested. In an interview regarding the 2022 TV show Bigg Boss, when he was asked if he would be looking for romance in the show, he replied that he had a girlfriend outside the Bigg Boss house.


He follows the Islam religion.



He debuted as a rapper with the song ‘Wata’ in 2018. In 2019, he released his second song ‘Khuja Mat,’ which turned out to be a breakthrough for him.
Poster of the 2019 song ‘Khuja Mat’ by MC Stan
He released his debut album ‘Tadipaar’ in 2020. In 2022, he released his second album ‘Insaan,’ which was a 12-song tracklist rap album. Raftaar, a popular Indian rapper, featured in one of the songs in his album.
MC Stan on the cover of his 2022 album ‘Insaan’
Some of his other popular songs are ‘Yede Ki Chadar’ (2019), ‘Astaghfirullah’ (2019), ‘Ek Din Pyaar’ (2020), ‘Snake’ (2021), ‘Shana Bann’ (2022), and more. In 2021, he was featured on the song ‘Nanchaku’ by rapper Seedhe Maut.
Poster of the 2021 song ‘Nanchaku’ by Seedhe Maut and MC Stan

Expensive Things/Valuables

  • MC stan loves the Hindi language and has customized a diamond necklace with the term ‘HINDI.’
    MC Stan with diamond chain, with the term ‘HINDI,’ around his neck
  • He has some other chains, one of which has a snake-shaped pendant and another has the term ‘Slatt’ written on the pendant. He also has a ring with the Indian national flag on it.
    MC Stan’s chains with snake and ‘Slatt’ pendants
  • He wears a customized diamond chain with the rupees logo “₹,” which is made up of over 60-carat diamonds.
    MC Stan’s diamond chain with rupee logo



  • The used the word ‘Stan’ in his stage name because he is a fan of the famous American rapper Eminem, and Eminem’s fanbase is called ‘Stans.’ Since, he considers himself a microphone controller instead of a rapper, he used the term MC in his name.
  • He learned English specifically to understand the lyrics of English rap songs.
  • He was in 8th standard in school when wrote his first rap song.
  • In an interview, he revealed that he smokes weed.
  • He raps in Hindi and wants to make the language known on a global level. In an interview, he said,
    Hindi is my genre and I want to take Hindi onto a worldwide platform as it is my ‘matrabhasha.’ I desire to disperse this language until it is incorporated into the school curriculum of Western countries which also led me to start my own record label called Hindi Records.”
  • MC stan is a part of street gangs and considers himself an”underground artist.” He had been arrested, and sometimes put into jail, under criminal charges against him.
  • Due to offensive lyrics in his songs, he often faces criticism. In an interview, while talking about the reason behind the usage of abusive language in his raps, he said,
    I am trying to practice meditation and other mediums to control my anger and abuses. It is a way of expression for me, because if I don’t express in that form, then things can turn violent. I am going inside to do detox.”
  • He wishes to do a collaboration with Lil Baby, an American rapper.
  • He believes that aliens exist and also has an alien tattoo on his left hand.
  • In 2018, a rapper named Emiway Bantai released a diss track, ‘Samajh Mein Aaya Kya?,’ in which he verbally attacked rappers including Raftaar, Divine, and MC Stan. In that song, he trolled MC Stan by saying that he looks like an extraterrestrial. MC Stan attacked him back by releasing the diss track ‘Khuja Mat’ in 2019, which turned out to be an immediate hit. Later, in an interview, MC Stan revealed that there is no serious beef between him and Emiway, in fact, Emiway is his cousin.
  • In 2022, he appeared as the second contestant on the reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss 16.’
  • According to sources, MC Stan wore jewellery worth Rs 70 lakh on the premiere night of Bigg Boss season 16.
  • In an interview, while talking about why he decided to participate in Bigg Boss, he shared,
    For me, it is a huge thing for someone like me who rose from a basti (slum) in Pune to enter the BB house. I want to clear some controversies and want to experience this new world. People usually have a lot of misconceptions about me because of the way I talk, maybe. I speak a lot of truth and hence, they have an issue. Recently, there was a controversy about my song related to a girl, so I hope and wish to clarify all that. I want people to see me in a different light, they judge me basis my songs. I hope to change that after Bigg Boss 16.”
  • According to him, his mother loves to watch Bigg Boss, and after he decided to participate in the show, she told her not to stay away from controversies that include women and not to lose his temper. In an interview, he said,
    My mother has strictly warned me to not get involved in any kind of controversies with women. She also told me not to raise my hands as that could lead to me getting ousted. While I am a happy-go-lucky person, if someone does test my patience, I don’t know how will I react.”
  • MC Stan calls himself ‘Basti Ka Hasti’ as he was born and brought up in the slums of Pune. In an interview, when it was mentioned that his family background could be used by others during fights, he said,
    I know that will happen. However, I am hoping that people will take me for who I am as a person. But if they do stoop to that and bring ‘Aukat’ and class in fights, I know how to deal with that. At the moment, I am wearing jewellery worth Rs 1.5 crore. Money does raise your standard, so they should know well who they are talking to.”

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