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A well-known American YouTuber named Nicole Luellen Schmeiser, she rose to fame by often appearing on the ‘SevenSuperGirls’ channel. More than 8 million people are already members to the channel, which launched in 2007. She appeared on “SevenPerfectAngels” and “SevenCoolTweens” before joining “SevenSuperGirls.” In addition to these, Nicole occasionally uploads films to her personal YouTube channel, Purplecupcake031, which she started in 2010. She has worked with other social media celebrities along the way at the “SevenSuperGirls” channel, including Jazzy Anne, Katherine SSG, and Jenna Arend. Hope Sarah-Marie and Grace, Nicole’s older sisters who are also well-known YouTubers, assist Nicole in filming her videos. Nicole recently graduated from high school and shifted to the “SevenFabulousTeens” channel. She has over 145k followers on Instagram, where she frequently posts pictures of her family and activities. She wants to be an actor and is now a student.

Increased Fame of Nicole Luellen

Nicole Luellen wasn’t her family’s first YouTube celebrity. She was well-known for being a member of the SevenGymnasticGirls channel, as was her sister Hope Sarah-Marie. ‘SevenPerfectAngels’ and ‘SevenCoolTweens’ marked Nicole’s first YouTube appearances. After that, she made a regular appearance on the

“SevenFabulousTweens” channel. The audience enjoyed her eerie tales and practical joke videos. Later, she joined the 8 million-subscriber strong ‘SevenSuperGirls’ channel, which is quite popular. ‘Nicole & The Weird Illness’ and ‘Nicole’s Snow White Disaster!’ are her two most-watched videos on the SevenSuperGirls account, each having 1.8 million and 8.5 million views, respectively. She visited various ‘Meet & Greet’ events across the United States with other SSG members. ‘Purplecupcake031’ is Nicole’s personal YouTube channel, albeit she doesn’t post there much.

Despite the fact that “SevenFabulousTeens” is a less well-liked channel, she recently made the transition. She started filming on her own, and since she was entering college, it made sense for her to move on. Nicole can also be found on Twitter and Instagram in addition to this. There are 145k followers on her Instagram account. She still has 11k followers on Twitter despite not being particularly active. She recently received her diploma and took a cruise to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. She wants to learn how to film and edit her own videos in addition to continuing to work on YouTube.

Individual Life of Nicole Luellen

On August 23, 2000, Nicole Luellen Schmeiser was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She enjoys watching TV, playing tennis, and eating ice cream in addition to soccer and tennis. She just lately began painting and drawing, and she has a special Instagram account just for her artwork. Nicole said that she hasn’t dated anyone yet and believes that most boys are intimidated to approach her because of her fame when asked if she has ever had a boyfriend.

Nicole has admitted to having a hair bow obsession and frequently wears one in her photos and videos. Despite her passion of reading, she hardly ever finds the opportunity to curl up with a book. She has two pets, Wilbur the cat and Sam the dog, and she currently resides in Ohio with her family.

Net Worth of Nicole Luellen

The estimated net worth of Nicole Luellen is $1 million.


Her great-grandparents’ names were combined to create her middle name, Luellen. She takes great pride in her name.

She didn’t choose her YouTube username, Purplecupcake031. It was chosen at random. She chose to use her neighbor’s account as her channel because she was unable to create a YouTube account on her computer. She chose to remain with the channel’s existing name, “Purple Cupcake 031,” as it was already taken.

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