Ohio bus crash – live: Six reported dead after truck collides with high school bus

Smoke rises from wreckage of Ohio bus crash that killed four, injured 15

Six people reportedly are dead and another 15 are injured after a semi-truck rear ended a charter bus full of high school students in Ohio.

Licking County Emergency management director Sean Grady confirmed that six people were killed in the accident, which occurred outside Etna, Ohio, near the Smoke Road underpass, just east of Columbus.

Dispatchers classified the incident as a “mass casualty incident, level 3,” according to the Columbus Dispatch. The designation indicates that 10 or more people may have been injured and that paramedics, fire crews and hospital readiness will be needed in the region. “Casualty” in this use does not necessarily mean “death.”

The crash occurred around 8:15am. Those injured were transported to nearby hospitals for treatment.

The bus was carrying 57 band students from Tuscarawas Valley Schools, located approximately 120 miles northeast of Columbus and around 43 miles south of Akron. The district’s superintendent, Derek Varansky, confirmed Tuesday that the crash involved students from the school.

The accident shut-down parts of I-70 at State Route 310 and westbound at State Route 158.

A pair of school busses — accompanied by police escorts — arrived at the scene of the crash approximately two hours after the impact. Several dozen people from the crash scene climbed on board and were taken away from the site approximately twenty minutes after the buses arrived.

There were reportedly 57 people in total on board the charter bus, according to the Associated Press.

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Lt Governor releases statement after bus crash

Lt Governor John Husted released a statement offering his condolences following a multi-vehicle accident that involved a charter bus full of high school band students.

“Tina and I would like to send our heartfelt condolences and prayers to the victims and their families involved in the crash in Licking County this morning which involved students from Tuscarawas Valley Local Schools. We hope all who are injured in the crash may have a swift and complete recovery,” he wrote.

Graig Graziosi14 November 2023 20:49


Governor orders flags to be flown at half-mast following crash

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio has ordered Tuscarawas County government buildings and the Ohio Statehouse to fly their flags at half mast in the wake of a fatal accident involving several vehicles, including a bus full of high school band students.

Mr DeWine said “It is our worst nightmare to have a bus full of children involved in such a terrible crash, and it is certainly the worst nightmare that families and schools can endure” in a post on X/Twitter on Tuesday.

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WATCH: Smoke rises from wreckage of Ohio bus crash that killed four, injured 15

Smoke rises from wreckage of Ohio bus crash that killed four, injured 15

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American Red Cross sends blood to area hospital treating crash victims

The American Red Cross of Central and Southern Ohio reportedly fulfilled a request for blood from a hospital in the area of the crash that reportedly killed four and injured at least 15 others on Tuesday.

The organisation sent 30 units to a hospital in the Mount Carmel Health System, according to Marita Salkowski, the regional communications director for the Red Cross chapter.

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A reunification site has been established at the Etna United Methodist Church for families of those impacted by the crash on Tuesday.

Of the 57 people on the charter bus, 34 students were taken to the reunification site. Those taken to the site were not injured in the crash.

“There’s been a steady stream of parents arriving since I got here around noon though,” Don Hawkins Regional Communications Manager Red Cross, told The Independent.

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Ohio School Board Association cancels conference after crash

The Ohio School Board Association announced Tuesday it was cancelling its conference in response to the crash involving high school band members.

The band students were on their way to Columbus to perform at the conference when the accident occurred, according to police reports.

“Right now, our focus is on providing support to Tuscarawas Valley. That includes making grief counselors from our trade show available. We are praying for the entire Tuscarawas Valley family,” the association said in a statement.

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At least two semi-trucks were involved in fiery crash

Local press at the scene of the crash are reporting that two of the vehicles involved in the crash were semi-trucks. One truck rear-ended a charter bus carrying high school band students.

A car was also reportedly involved in the crash, according to WSYX.

The collision caused the bus to catch fire, the broadcaster reports.

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18 people transported to local hospitals from crash site, more vehicles involved

Licking County Emergency Management Agency Director Sean Grady told WBNS CBS 10 that five vehicles were involved in the fatal crash, and that 18 people from the bus had been taken to seven nearby hospitals.

It is unclear if all 18 of the individuals transported to nearby hospitals were injured.

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Governor Mike DeWine offers condolences to victims

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio offered his condolences to the victims of a bus crash that reportedly killed four people. The bus involved in the accident was carrying high school band students from the Tuscarawas Valley Schools in northeast Ohio.

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A fourth individual is reportedly dead

A fourth person has reportedly died following a traffic accident in which a semi-truck rear-ended a bus filled with high schoolers.

Sean Grady, the Licking County Emergency Management Director, confirmed to The Independent that a fourth person had died.

The bus was carrying nearly 60 band students, instructors, and chaperones from Tuscarawas Valley Schools, a district near Akron, Ohio.

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