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Pherozeshah Mehta

Biography of Ferozeshah Mehta at a Glance – Pherozeshah Mehta Information

Full Name Firoz Shah Mehta
Birthday 4 August 1845, Bombay (now Mumbai)
Education MA, Advocacy
Death 5 November, 1915

Ferozeshah Mehta’s Birth, Family, Education and Early Life – Pherozeshah Mehta History

Ferozeshah Mehta was born on 4 August 1845 to a famous Parsi family in Mumbai. Being born into a rich family, she was raised well. He received his early education from Mumbai and completed his graduation from Elphinstone College, Mumbai.
In the year 1864, he passed the MA examination and became the first person to master Mumbai. After this he went to England to study law and returned to India in 1868 after earning a law degree.

Ferozeshah Mehta as a lawyer – Pherozeshah Mehta As Lawyer

When Ferozeshah Mehta returned to India after completing his studies, he started advocacy training, while during this time he felt the need to improve the municipal corporation of Mumbai, due to which he decided to renovate the municipality and prepare its outline Proposed it

Father of Mumbai Municipal Corporation – Father Of Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)

After the unprecedented efforts of Ferozeshah Mehta, the Mumbai Municipal Act was enacted in the year 1872, due to which he was called the father of Bombay local government.
After this he was appointed to the post of Commissioner and in the year 1905, he worked as the Chairman. Then he moved towards politics and for this he gave up advocating.

Ferozeshah Mehta as a politician – Pherozeshah Mehta As Politician

Ferozeshah Mehta was appointed to the Supreme Legislative Council of the Governor-General in the year 1893 and in the year 1890 he presided over the sixth session of the Indian National Congress. He also played an important role in creating political consciousness among the people through the Bombay Presidency Association.
He then served as Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University. Ferozeshah Mehta contributed significantly to the establishment of the Central Bank of India in the year 1911.

Ferozeshah Mehta’s contribution to freedom movement – Pherozeshah Mehta as Freedom Fighter

Ferozeshah Mehta, the great politician of India, was the only revolutionary who had chewed gram under the teeth of the greatest English officers by his legal claims. He had formulated several legal policies against the British rule and fought the British in a different way.
Although he was an admirer of British rule like many other liberal leaders, he also praised the legitimacy of British rule at times. Along with this, he also relied heavily on the education policy of the British government. He presided at the Calcutta session in the year 1890 and in the year 1892 he was elected a member of the Central Council.
Ferozeshah Mehta believed that opposing the British rule could threaten the existence of the Congress. At the same time, he was opposed to the carrying out of violent activities and processions etc. against the British and wanted to get freedom from British slavery with liberal policies.
Ferozeshah Mehta was greatly influenced by the ideas of Mahatma Gandhi, considered a great hero of independence. And extremism was considered the biggest threat to the independence of the country. He strongly opposed the Arms Act, Press Act, animal sacrifice etc. And a lot of efforts were made to get the farmers their rights. In order to make Indians aware of social and political ideas, he had laid great emphasis on the promotion of education.
Apart from this, Feroz Shah Mehta started the publication of the Bombay daily Bombay Chronicle from Bombay, through its daily magazine which inspired Indians to fight non-violently for their rights. His letter had contributed immensely to the freedom struggle.

Ferozeshah passed away – Pherozeshah Mehta Death

Ferozeshah Mehta, the great revolutionary and soft-minded politician of India, died on 5 November 1915. The contribution he has made to the independence of the country can never be forgotten.
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