Rahul Gandhi Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Birthday, Education

Rahul Gandhi Biography

Rahul Gandhi is a fourth generation young politician of the prestigious Gandhi-Nehru family of the country, he is a member of the Indian Parliament and has served as the President of the National Congress. Along with this, he has also served as Chairperson of National Youth Union and National Youth Congress.

Rahul Gandhi constantly strives to strengthen the Congress’s hold in the country. So let’s know the important things about this young politician Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi Biography

Biography of Rahul Gandhi at a glance – Rahul Gandhi Information

Name Rahul Gandhi
Birthday June 19, 1970, New Delhi, India
Father Name Rajiv Gandhi (Former Prime Minister of the country)
Mother Name Sonia Gandhi (Interim President of Congress)
Grandmother Indira Gandhi (First Woman Prime Minister of the country)
Grandfather Feroze Gandhi
Sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra

Birth, family and early life of Rahul Gandhi – Rahul Gandhi History

Rahul Gandhi was born in the most prestigious family of Indian politics on June 19, 1970 in Delhi, the capital of India. His father Rajiv Gandhi has served as the Prime Minister of the country.
So her mother Sonia Gandhi ji is the interim president of Congress and her grandmother Indira Gandhi ji has served the country as the first woman Prime Minister of the country, while her grandmother’s father Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Azad as the first Prime Minister of India. Has represented and also played an important role in getting the country’s independence.
That’s why Rahul Gandhi got political atmosphere in his house from the very beginning. In his childhood, Rahul Gandhi mostly spent time with his sister Priyanka Gandhi because his parents could not give much time to their children due to political busyness.

Rahul Gandhi Education

Rahul Gandhi received his early education from St. Columbus School in Delhi. After this, he took admission in the prestigious The Doon School in Uttarakhand. At the same time, when his family started getting threats after the murder of his grandmother Indira Gandhi, due to security reasons, Rahul Gandhi and his sister were forced to leave school and then completed their schooling while staying at home.
A few days later, he took admission in St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and studied for 1 year. He was then sent to study at Howard University. But after his father Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in 1991, he was again shifted to a Florida college for security, where he completed his graduation in 1994.
However, during this time he had to keep his real identity hidden for security and during this time he had named his name Raul Vinci. During this period, only a few selected officers of the college and their security agency knew their true identity. Then Rahul Gandhi from Trinity College, Cambridge University completed the M.Phill course.

Rahul Gandhi’s early career – Rahul Gandhi Career

Rahul Gandhi had no interest in politics like his father Rajiv Gandhi in his early career, so after completing his studies, he worked in Monitor Management Group Company, a management consultancy firm in London.
After this, in the year 2002, he worked as a director of Mumbai-based Backups Service Private Limited. However, he later entered politics.

Rahul Gandhi’s political career – Rahul Gandhi Political Career

Initially, Rahul Gandhi had no mind to enter politics, but then in 2004, he entered politics. Rahul Gandhi benefited greatly from his family’s political image. Rahul Gandhi’s political career is as follows-
In the year 2004, Rahul Gandhi was elected as a Lok Sabha member from Amethi constituency in his family stronghold Uttar Pradesh. After this, Rahul Gandhi took part in government programs and party meetings with his mother and Congress’s interim president Sonia Gandhi.
In 2006, Rahul Gandhi along with his sister Priyanka Gandhi campaigned heavily for his party.
On 24 September 2007, Rahul Gandhi was appointed as the General Secretary of the Indian Congress Committee.
In 2008, Rahul Gandhi took important steps to improve youth politics and for its expansion, about 40 members were included in the Youth Congress. During this time, an increase of about 25 thousand members was recorded in the Youth Congress.
In the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi retained his Lok Sabha seat by winning from Amethi constituency. Let me tell you that in this election Rahul Gandhi visited the entire country for about 8 days and addressed about 125 rallies.
In 2013, Rahul Gandhi was appointed as the Vice President of the Indian National Congress.
In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he won the Lok Sabha seat of Amethi. However, the Congress had to face its worst defeat in this election.
In the general elections held in 2019, Congress President Rahul Gandhi contested the Lok Sabha elections from Amethi in Uttar Pradesh and Wayanad seat, the most VIP seat in Kerala. In this election, Rahul Gandhi won from Wayanad seat, while he lost to his traditional seat Amethi.
In this election, BJP candidate Smriti Irani won the historic Amethi seat, which is considered to be the Congress stronghold. At the same time, after the defeat in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul Gandhi has resigned from the post of Congress President and he is currently a Member of Parliament.

Interesting things related to Rahul Gandhi – Information about Rahul Gandhi

The most interesting thing about Rahul Gandhi is that despite being part of the most prestigious and affluent family in the country, Rahul does not have a single car register in his name and he often uses government vehicles for traveling.
Along with being a politician, Rahul Gandhi is a black belt in martial arts, besides he likes to fly in the air, so he has taken training in airplane driving.
Rahul Gandhi has always been in favor of getting equal rights for women, so he has resorted to 33 per cent reservation for women in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.
Rahul Gandhi may not have achieved much in his political career so far, but he always encourages the youth to enter politics. Many wishes from the team of Giani Pandit for their future.
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