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Samantha Grecchi, a Canadian dancer, actor, singer, and businesswoman, is best known for portraying Stephanie in the 2013 Family Channel television series “The Next Step.” She appeared as Stephanie in the 2016 season of the television show “Lost & Found Music Studios.” Additionally a company owner, she is the artistic director of the jazz, tap, ballet, acrobatics, hip-hop, lyrical, and contemporary dance studio Epic Dance Company. Along with her pals, Tearrah Beals, Olivia Trivisonno, Anna-maria Guida, and Alessandra Masi, who are both choreographers, she manages the studio. She not only taught at her own studio but also at a number of others. For the 2018 Maxim Cover Girl position, she came in at position 37.

Become a Star of Samantha Grecchi

Samantha Grecchi began dancing at the age of six and received intensive training from professional choreographers in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acro, Hip-Hop, Lyrical, Contemporary, and Modern dance. She started competing in various dance competitions around Canada and the US when she was very young because she was determined to succeed in the industry. At the World Dance Championships in Germany, she assisted Canada in capturing the bronze medal. When the casting team visited the Art and Soul Dance Company, where she was dancing at the time, she was still enrolled in school and had just turned 16 when she went in for an audition for the part of Stephanie on the new Family Channel television series “The Next Step.” She was chosen for the pilot episode, but once the channel picked up the series, she had to go through another round of auditions for over a year before she was finally chosen to play Stephanie.

By the time she was 16, her competitive dance career had come to an end. She decided to try her luck in acting and with the 2013 premiere of the series, she rose to fame for the role she played. She worked a few side jobs throughout the series’ filming, including one at the shoe retailer Aldo. She also taught dancing at two studios. Later, in late 2016, she launched her own dancing studio, Epic dancing Company.

Individual Life of Samantha Grecchi

On August 18, 1994, Samantha Grecchi was born in Schomberg, Ontario, Canada. She has two sisters, Taylor and Hailey, a younger brother, Nicholas, and is the oldest of four children. Taylor, the youngest of her siblings, is over ten years her junior. She began taking dancing lessons at the Performing dancing Arts facility in Vaughan, Ontario, when she was six years old because her mother felt the need for a break from the “rambunctious” child on Saturdays. She detested it, but she had to finish the year because her mother had insisted. By the end of the year, she had fallen in love with dancing and voluntarily enrolled for a second year.

When she was around ten years old, she relocated to Kleinburg, Ontario’s Art and Soul Dance Company. She enjoys both jazz and acrobatic dance equally. She struggled in elementary school and experienced bullying in high school, which is why she eagerly anticipated dance class and finally used it as an escape from her difficult circumstances. She wishes she could speak Italian so she could converse more effectively with her grandparents, but she can only speak English at the moment. She adores animals and owns two dogs: Bear, a large Rottweiler, and Ben, a small Maltese-Pomeranian mix. She claims that she has a terrible addiction to shopping.
She has been seeing Nick Gray for a while, and the two frequently share photos of themselves on Instagram. The puppy owned by her boyfriend is named Kingston.

What Sets Samantha Apart

Since the characters weren’t fully developed when Samantha Grecchi went in for an audition, she didn’t actually try out for a particular part. Because of this, Stephanie’s personality was based heavily on her own, and the two are quite similar. She claims that aside from their similar passion of dance, they are both vocal, extroverted, hardworking, and devoted friends. Although Stephanie occasionally speaks her views in a harsh, caustic, and even nasty manner, she always thinks about other people’s feelings before saying anything. She even hugs and kisses Michelle, another lead role, as soon as the filming is through because she occasionally feels awful for being nasty to her. It’s interesting to note that her mother was the one to initially inform her that she had been chosen for the role of Stephanie, but not before asking her how she would feel if she didn’t, which caused her to start crying.

Net Worth of Samantha Grecchi

The estimated net worth of Samantha Grecchi is around $1 million.

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