Biography of the great mathematician Aryabhata

Biography of great mathematician Aryabhata

Aryabhata was a great conscientist of India who discovered naught and pie. He was also a good astronomer, who made his significant contribution in the field of science and mathematics, his fame spread not only in the country but also abroad. The discoveries made by Aryabhata have provided a new dimension in the field of science and mathematics and have made it easier.

Let us tell you that Aryabhata was the first person to use algebra (algebra). It is believed that about 1 thousand years before ‘Nicholas Copernicus’, Aryabhata invented that the Earth is round and revolves around the Sun.

Not only this, Aryabhata Ji composed Aryabhatiya scripture in his name. In his treatise, an attempt has been made to explain arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry, as well as the inclusion of astronomy. Come, know about the invention of the great scientist of India Aryabhata ji and the important discoveries related to his life –

Biography of great mathematician Aryabhata – Aryabhatta Biography



Aryabhatta information about Aryabhatta’s life

Name Aryabhata
Birthday 476 AD Ashmak, Maharashtra, India
Death 550 AD
Work Mathematician, astrologer and astronomer
Education Nalanda University
Famous compositions Aryabhatiya, Aryabhatta Theory
Significant contribution Search for pie and void

Aryabhatta’s birth and early life – Aryabhatta history

Historians have different opinions about the birth of the great mathematician Aryabhata. Many historians state his birth in Kusumpur (modern Patna) in 476 AD, while many historians state his birth in Ashmak, Maharashtra. At the same time, it is believed that Aryabhatta was associated with Patna’s main Nalanda University.

Famous compositions of the great mathematician Aryabhatta – Aryabhatta Books

Aryabhata composed many great texts during his lifetime, among which his Aryabhatiya, Tantra, Dasagitika and Aryabhata doctrine were prominent. However, his treatise called Aryabhata Sinddhat is an extinct book. Of which only 34 verses are currently available.
According to historians, this treatise of Aryabhata was most used in the seventh century. This was his most important treatise, in which he explained arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry very beautifully. Apart from this, many equations including square root, cube root, parallel series are also explained in easy language.
There are a total of 121 verses in his treatise, which are divided into Gitikapada, Mathematica, Kalakaryapada and Golpad based on different subjects. Aryabhata’s treatise contains 108 verses, addressing his treatise as “Aryabhatiya”.

“Aryabhatta Theory” of the great astronomer Aryabhatta – Aryabhatta Theorem

It is one of the famous compositions of the great scientist Aryabhata. In this, he has mentioned the cone machine, cylindrical yastri machine, water clock, shadow machine, angle measuring device, chhatra yantra and Dhanur Yantra / Chakra Yantra, etc.

Aryabhata ji significant contribution in the field of mathematics and science – Aryabhatta Contribution

Aryabhatta, the great scientist and eminent scientist, has made an unprecedented contribution in the field of science and mathematics with his great discoveries and theories. He has made his significant contribution by telling the length of zero, pie, circumference of earth etc. Some of his important discoveries are as follows –

  • Pie Value – Aryabhata ji has stated the value of pie to four digits of decimal. He gave the value of pi equal to 62832/20000 = 3.1416.
  • Aryabhata ji’s contribution to trigonometry- Aryabhata ji has made a very significant contribution in the field of trigonometry. In his treatise, he gave the definition of jya, kojya, utkram jya, vyujya in Arya Siddhanta.
  • Discovery of Zero- Aryabhata has made his most important contribution to mathematics by searching for zero.
  • Invented the formula for combining cubes and squares in algebra.
  • Aryabhata has made his significant contribution in the field of astronomy, he has proved that the Earth rotates continuously on its axis, due to which the position of stars in the sky changes. Along with this, Aryabhata has also told that it takes about 23 hours, 56 minutes and 1 second to revolve the Sun on its axis.
  • Aryabhata gave the distance of the planets from the Sun, which is similar to the present measurement. Today, the distance of the Sun from the Earth is considered to be about 15 million kilometers, it is also called a 1 (AU).
  • Calculating the length of the circumference of the earth- Aryabhata ji had described the length of the earth as 39,968.05 km, which is just 2 percent less than its actual length (40,075.01 km). While in today’s science it is still seen as a surprise.
  • Apart from this, Aryabhata ji told the height of the atmosphere to be 80 km. Although its actual elevation is more than 1600 km, about 99 per cent of it is limited to the 80 km range.
  • Aryabhata ji had given the length of one year as 365.25868 days, which is very close to the present count of 365.25868.
  • The astronomical calculations of the great mathematician Aryabhata had helped to create the “Jalali calendar”.

Aryabhatta Satellite and Aryabhatta Observation Science Research – Aryabhatta Satellite

On 19 April 1975, the Government of India launched its first satellite into space, which he named after the great mathematician and astronomer Aryabhata. not only this Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) Bacteria were discovered in the stratosphere of the atmosphere.
One species of which was named Bacillus Aryabhata, while a scientific institute has been named “Aryabhata Observational Science Research” in honor of Aryabhata in Nainital, Uttarakhand state of India.

Death of Aryabhata – Aryabhatta Death

Aryabhata, who made his significant contribution in the field of mathematics and science, breathed his last in about 550 BCE.

Interesting facts about Aryabhata – Facts about Aryabhatta

  • Aryabhata is one of the most intelligent people in the world, who made his significant contribution in the field of Mathematics and Science, revealing a surprise to the present scientific world. At the same time, his compositions were used by the Greek and Arab countries to develop more.
  • Aryabhata ji has written his famous work ‘Aryabhatiya’ related to astronomy, spherical trigonometry as a poem. It is one of the most popular and favorite books of ancient India. Let me tell you that in this famous work he has given 33 important rules of arithmetic, algebra and trigonometry.
  • The great scientist Aryabhata had validated the value of pi (3.1416) to only four digits of decimal.
  • The great scientist Aryabhata ji has discussed the calculation of the first five planets and Hindu census and trigonometry in the Dasagitika portion.
  • In Kalkriya, Aryabhata ji gave information about the planets including the calculation of Hindu period.
  • In Mathematica, he provided complete information on arithmetic, algebra and geometry.
  • Today, trigonometry, studied all over the world, was discovered by Aryabhata.
  • Aryabhata was one such scientist in the world, who also discovered solar eclipse and lunar eclipse. Along with this, the formula for eclipse time and how long the eclipse will last, was also told.
  • Aryabhata, the great mathematician who discovered the void, believed that it is located in the center of the solar system, including the Earth orbiting it.

The great scientist Aryabhata Ji believed the universe to be eternal. At the same time, according to Indian philosophy, the creation of this creation has been made by combining these five elements like air, fire, water, earth and sky, whereas Aryabhata ji did not include the sky in these five elements.
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