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American social media personality Kristen McAtee. She started out in the fashion and merchandising industry before switching to vlogging. She posts a range of entertaining content on her “YouTube” channel, which she controls. Relationship status for Kristen and well-known “Viner” Scotty Sire. Her success as a YouTuber is largely due to the relationship. For her YouTube channel, Kristen has worked with a few social media stars to produce content. Although she has produced a few “Vines” for her “Vine” account, her popularity has primarily come from her work as a “YouTuber” and a “Instagram” celebrity. Kristen runs a clothing business that she sells online.

The career of Kristen McAtee

Kristen has always been confident in her choice of profession. She decided to pursue a degree in the area because of her intense interest in fashion marketing and design. She worked for several prominent fashion brands after graduating. She soon turned in that direction.

In November 2016, Kristen started her YouTube account. She did, however, become well-known after appearing in a handful of Toddy Smith’s and Scotty Sire’s well-known “Viners” videos. She also rose to fame as a result of her romance with Scotty. Soon, Kristen and Scotty shared the screen in several of her channel’s videos. Additionally, she has occasionally worked with well-known social media influencer Liza Koshy. On the channel, Kristen also shares cooking instruction videos.

Covering Up My Boyfriend’s Tattoos, Making Ugly Sweaters with Liza Koshy, Reacting to Old Instagram Pictures, Half Skull Halloween Makeup with Liza Koshy, Boyfriend Does My Voice Over with Scotty Sire, and “Were Getting Married?” are some of the most watched videos on the channel. There are more than 980,000 subscribers to the service. Kristen spent a brief time working as a “Viner.” Before the platform’s application was shut down, she had a little more than 33 000 fans.

Kristen has over 993 thousand followers on her “Instagram” page, where her photos are shared. She currently has more than 330k followers on Twitter. Kristen runs a storefront where you can buy her distinctive T-shirts.

Individual Life of Kristen McAtee

Kristen Harmony McAtee was born on March 28, 1995, in Contra Costa, California, in the United States. She has a sister named Monica who is five years older than her by three and a half years. Musician their father is. Kristen now has a stepfather after her biological parents separated.

Kristen participated in school cheerleading. She has always had a passion for design and fashion. She graduated from the “Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising” in 2015 with a degree in merchandise marketing. After graduating, she took her first position as an allocator at the Ted Baker offices in Los Angeles, a British retailer of upscale apparel. Additionally, Kristen has held positions with well-known businesses like “Zappos,” “Threadflip,” and “Chan Luu Inc.” But she had always hoped to work for companies like H&M and Zara.

Kristen enjoys getting tattooed. On her body, she has three tattoos. Aries is one of them, and it’s on her left wrist.

Meghan McCarthy, one of the well-known “Viners,” and Kristen are close friends.

Net Worth of Kristen McAtee

The estimated net worth of Kristen McAtee is around $1 million.

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